1st Edition

The Dynamics of Vehicles on Roads and on Tracks
Proceedings of the Iavsd Symposium, 6th Technical University, Berlin, Sept. 1979

ISBN 9789026503276
Published January 1, 1980 by CRC Press
532 Pages

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Book Description

This book is an outcome of the seventh IAVSD Symposium on the Dynamics of Vehicles on Roads and Tracks was held at Cambridge, England. The theme of the Symposium was the mathematical modelling of vehicle dynamics with an emphasis on the problems due to interaction between vehicle and road or track.

Table of Contents

1. Optimization Criteria for Vehicles Travelling on a Randomly Profiled Road – a Survey 2. Ride Dynamics of Articulated Vehicles – a Literature Survey 3. Effects of Free-Control Variables on Automobile Handling 4. Survey of Wheel-Rail Rolling Contact Theory 5. Some Basic Properties of Bogies, an Analytical Approach 6. Assessment of the Influence of the Damping Non-Linearities on the Background Sound Pressure Level in a Passenger Car 7. Comfort, Vibration and Stress of the Belted Tire 8. Analysis of Stability and Handling Characteristics of Single Track Vehicles 9. Mathematical Investigation to Reduce “Steering Wheel Shimmy” 10. Nonlinear Random Response of Articulated Vehicles 11. The Use of Spectral Analysis Technique to Investigate Nonlinear Steering Vibration 12. Measurement of the Driver’s Transfer and Coherence Function During a Fa-tiguetest in a Simulator 13. Passenger Cars with Single-Axle Trailer – Influence of the Parameters of the Motor-Car-Trailer Unit on Driving Stability 14. The Theory of Stability and Controllability in Consideration of Suspension and Steering Compliances 15. The Application of Quasilinearization to the Limit Cycle Behaviour of the Nonlinear Wheel-Rail System 16. Statistical Linearization of the Nonlinear Rail Vehicle Wheelset 17. Optimizing the Wheel Profile to Improve Rail Vehicle Dynamic Performance 18. Generic Rail Truck Characteristics 19. Measurements of Interior Noise in Vehicles in the Infrasound and Hearing Range 20. Preliminary Investigation of a Variable Braking Vehicle 21. Preliminary Testing of Railway Vehicles 22. Determination of Vehicle Parameters from Track Testing Data 23. Computer Simulation and Parameters Sensitivity Study of a Commercial Vehicle During Antiskid Braking 24. A Practical Calculation Method of Quasi-Static Curving Performance of Railway Bogie Vehicles 25. Track Dynamics at High Vehicle Speeds 26. Contribution to the Investigations into the Dynamics of Railway Vehicles 27. Comparison of the Stability of Front Wheel and Rear Wheel Steered Motor Vehicles 28. Computation of Limit Cycles of a Wheelset Using a Galerkin Method 29. Covariance Analysis of Nonlinear Stochastic Guideway-Vehicle-Systems 30. Vibrational Characteristics of Electromagnetic Levitation Vehicles – Guideway System 31. Adaption of Mathematical Vehicle Models to Emperimental Results 32. Vibrational Modes of Single-Track Vehicles in Curves 33. The Exact Theory of the Motion of a Single Wheelset Moving on a Perfectly Straight Track 34. Coupling and Order-Reduction of Combined Linear State-Space and Multibody Systems with Application to the Dynamics of a Wheel-Rail Vehicle 35. Random Processes and Transfer Function of Railway Vehicle 36. An Adaptive Control for Vehicle Suspensions 37. On the Stability and Followability of the Semi-Trailer Vehicle with an Automatic Steering System 38. Investigation of the Influence of Various Braking Regulations on Accident-Avoidance Performance 39. The Steering Responses of Doubles 40. Special Resonant Effects in Dynamic Response of Vehicles 41. Wheelclimb Derailment Criteria under Steady Rolling and Dynamic Loading Conditions 42. Model of Vibration and Noise Transmission in Motor Vehicles

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