1st Edition

The Dynamics of Vehicles on Roads

By A.H. Wickens Copyright 1982
    580 Pages
    by CRC Press

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    This book is an outcome of the seventh IAVSD Symposium on the Dynamics of Vehicles on Roads and Tracks was held at Cambridge, England. The theme of the Symposium was the mathematical modelling of vehicle dynamics with an emphasis on problems in the interaction between vehicle and road or track.

    1. Analytical Comparisons of Methods For Assessing the Transient Directional Response of Automobiles 2. The Response of a Vehicle to a Sudden Movement of the Steering Wheel 3. Handling Research in a Driving Simulator Computer Simulation in real Time 4. Identification of Steering ratio and force Feedback Effects in Driver/Vehicle Interactions 5. The Influence of Frame Elasticity, Simple Rider Body Dynamics and Tyre Moments on Free Vibrations of Motorcycles in Curves 6. Self-Excited Vibrations of Truck Tandem Axle Suspension and Transmission Systems 7. A Study of the Directional and Roll Dynamics of Multiple-Articulated Vehicles 8. Bifurcation Theory and Vehicle Dynamics - With Applications to the Tractor-Semitrailer 9. A Study of the Yaw Stability of Tractor-Semitrailer Combinations 10. A Critical Assessment of the Effects of a Trailer-Hitch Load-Transfer Device on the Handling Characteristics of a Car-Trailer Combination 11. Tire Models for the Determination of Vehicle Structural Loads 12. The Effect of Suspension System Nonlinearities on Heavy Truck Vibration 13. Vibrations of Four-Wheel Motor Vehicles Due to Uneven Road Surface 14. Influence of Suspension Friction on Riding Comfort 15. The Mechanics of Automotive Hydraulic Dampers at High Stroking Frequencies 16. Structural Dynamic Analysis of Passenger Cars 17. Combining Test and Analysis to Troubleshoot Steering System Vibration Problems in an Automobile 18. Agricultural Tractor Overturning and Impact Behaviour 19. The Roll Stability of Frame-Steered Two-Axle Vehicles During Steady Cornering 20. Verification of the Theoretical Fundamentals for the Design of the Running Behaviour of Railway Vehicles 21. Mathematical Model of Two-Axle Bogie Locomotive and Main Results of Numerical Calculation 22. Railway Vehicle Active Suspensions in Theory and Practice 23. Transversal Stability of a Railway Car: Comparison Between Systems at Seven and Seventeen Degrees of Freedom 24. Generic Properties and Performance Characteristics of Passenger Rail Vehicles 25. Stability of Freight Car Wheelset 26. The Nonlinear Dynamics of Rail Vehicles in Curve Entry and Negotiation 27. The Application of Linear Modelling to the Development of a Light Steerable Transit Truck 28. The Dynamic Stability of two Railway Wheelsets Coupled to Each Other in the Lateral Plane By Elastic and Viscous Constraints 29. A Practical Model of Rail Vehicle Curve Negotiation 30. Theory and Numerical Results of a General Quasi-Static Curving Algorithm 31. Design of a Limit Cycle Controller for the Nonlinear Wheel-Railsystem 32. Efficient Implementation of Wheel-Rail Contact Mechanics in Dynamic Curving 33. Nonlinear Bogie Hunting 34. A Re-Examination of the Wheel/Rail Contact Geometry and its Application to the Hunting Analysis of Railway Bogie Vehicles Having Profiled Wheels 35. Derailment Mechanics and Safety Criteria for Complete Rail Vehicle Trucks 36. Theoretical Analysis of the Dynamic Behaviour of Railway Vehicles 37. Running Stability of a Non-Linear System of a Railway Vehicle by Random Process Excitation 38. Nonlinear Dynamic Response of a Locomotive Via a Nongaussian Statistical Linearization Procedure 39. Prediction of the Dynamic Response of Vehicles to Lateral Track Irregularities 40. Some Problems of Construction Analysis and Synthesis of a Mathematical Model of a Rail-Vehicle System


    A.H. Wickens