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A series of monographs produced in conjunction with the European Federation for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (EFPP). Each volume brings together writings on a particular topic by authors from several European countries. The EFPP promotes communication and discussion between psychotherapists across national boundaries in the child and adolescent, adult, family and group sections of the organisation, through its conferences and seminars on topics of interest in contemporary psychoanalytic psychotherapy. The organisation represents some 13,000 psychoanalytic psychotherapists in twenty-two countries in Western, Central and Eastern Europe and is concerned with many matters which are relevant to the profession, such as training and registration.

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Families in Transformation A Psychoanalytic Approach

Families in Transformation: A Psychoanalytic Approach

1st Edition

Edited By Pierre Benghozi, Daniela Lucarelli, Anna Maria Nicolo
April 02, 2014

Families in Transformation is a collection of essays by eminent scholars on the psychoanalysis of couples and families and provides a wide ranging and articulated picture of the current situation in Europe. The reader will find various psychoanalytical models applied in it: from object relations ...

A Bridge Over Troubled Water Conflicts and Reconciliation in Groups and Society

A Bridge Over Troubled Water: Conflicts and Reconciliation in Groups and Society

1st Edition

By Gila Ofer
July 31, 2017

This book is a compilation of papers by different authors, among them Vamik Volkan, Robi Friedman, John Schlapobersky, Haim Weinberg, and Michael Bucholz, with a foreword by Earl Hopper and an introduction by Gila Ofer, both editor and contributor. While most of the writers are group analysts, ...

Countertransference in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy with Children and Adolescents

Countertransference in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy with Children and Adolescents

1st Edition

Edited By Dimitris Anastasopoulos, Brian V. Martindale, Anne-Marie Sandler, John Tsiantis
December 31, 1997

This collection of papers from psychoanalysts across Europe is intended to highlight the similarites and differences between approaches to working with children and adolescents. Part of the EFPP Monograph Series....

Play and Power

Play and Power

1st Edition

Edited By Liselotte Grunbaum, Karen Vibeke Mortensen
December 31, 2010

The power of play, so central to psychoanalytic theory and practice, is conjoined to the social psychological or socio-politically coloured concept of power, giving rise to many fruitful discussions of how these concepts manifest themselves in clinical work with children, groups and adults. The ...

The Analytic Field A Clinical Concept

The Analytic Field: A Clinical Concept

1st Edition

Edited By Roberto Basile, Antonino Ferro
December 31, 2009

'Until now no book has ever attempted to compare and contrast contributions on analytic field theory and at the same time to explore its clinical and technical implications. This volume is intended for the first time to link together many of these writings and to provide an initial wide-ranging ...

Bearing Witness Psychoanalytic Work with People Traumatised by Torture and State Violence

Bearing Witness: Psychoanalytic Work with People Traumatised by Torture and State Violence

1st Edition

Edited By Andres Gautier, Anna Sabatini Scalmati
December 31, 2010

This book discusses the kind of mental processing that can free victims from their unspeakable trauma, a trauma that has no framework in time or words with which to express it. It discusses the traumatic scenes that are extreme expressions of historic and political conditions....

Invisible Boundaries Psychosis and Autism in Children and Adolescents

Invisible Boundaries: Psychosis and Autism in Children and Adolescents

1st Edition

Edited By Didier Houzel, Maria Rhode
December 31, 2006

This volume is an outcome of the European Federation for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy conference on psychotic and autistic conditions in childhood and adolescence, encouraging the cross-fertilization of psychoanalytic practice and theory across the international boundaries in Europe....

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy A Handbook

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy: A Handbook

1st Edition

Edited By Matthias Elzer, Alf Gerlach
March 17, 2014

This book provides a complete and fundamental overview, from a psychoanalytical point of view, on theoretical and clinical aspects of psychodynamic or psychoanalytic psychotherapy. It includes the theory of the human mind, psychic development, psychic conflicts, trauma, and dreams....

Siblings Envy and Rivalry, Coexistence and Concern

Siblings: Envy and Rivalry, Coexistence and Concern

1st Edition

Edited By Beata Maciejewska, Katarzyna Skrzypek, Zuzanna Stadnicka-Dmitriew
May 09, 2014

This book compiles papers presented at the European Federation of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy's 2011 Conference, which attempts to find the place of sibling relationships in psychoanalytic practice. It examines the rivalry and envy between siblings, and the coexistence and concern for each other....

Supervision and its Vicissitudes

Supervision and its Vicissitudes

1st Edition

Edited By Brian V. Martindale, Margareta Morner, Maria E. Rodriguez, Jean-Pierre Vidit
December 31, 1997

This book is primarily concerned with the application of psychoanalytic ideas to work in the public sector. It largely deals with the type of supervision work with individuals, teams, and institutions that will often be in demand and useful in the public sector....

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