1st Edition

The EU in a Globalized World

    206 Pages 14 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This book fosters critical reflection on Europe's place in a fast-changing global environment, covering the soft and hard facets of EU power along the spectrum of low politics–high politics.

    Taking an innovative case-study approach, it provides a wide understanding of European Studies and International Relations beyond classical power considerations and addresses the crossroads of the two disciplines. Fundamentally, it addresses the specificity of the EU as an actor in International Relations and shows that the EU holds power and influence – creating opportunities for peace-making and peace-building – in a way classical IR theory would suggest it should not.

    This book will be of key interest to scholars and students of European Studies, foreign policy analysis, International Relations, Security Studies, Political Science, History, and Economics.


    Thomas Hoerber, Alexandre Bohas and Stefano Valdemarin

    Chapter 1 EU–Russia Relations and the Ukraine Conflict

    Marco Siddi

    Chapter 2 Transatlantic Relations Now and Then: In Search of a Balance between "America First" and "America Is Back"

    Anna Dimitrova

    Chapter 3 Everything but Arms: The European Commission and Its Geopolitical Discourse on Preferential Trade for "the Most In Need"

    Antonio Salvador M. Alcazar III

    Chapter 4 The EU in the Nuclear Iranian Case: Its Role in the Negotiations and Its Significance within International Relations Theories

    Pierre-Marie Vague

    Chapter 5 Between Low Politics and Soft Power: EU’s Inter-regional Relations with Mercosur

    Bruno Theodore Luciano and Cairo Gabriel Borges Junqueira

    Chapter 6 Institutional Process and Dispute Negotiations: An International Relations/International Law Approach of EU’s Relations with North Macedonia

    Ioanna Bantouna

    Chapter 7 European Monetary Policy in a Globalized World: From Low to High Politics

    Jürgen Kaehler and Christoph Weber

    Chapter 8 What Type of Actor? The EU’s Strategy for Cooperation in the Indo-Pacific

    Gorana Grgić

    Chapter 9 How to Use Paradiplomacy in the EU Foreign Policymaking? Opportunities, Mechanisms, Limitations

    Tomasz Kamiński and Joanna Ciesielska-Klikowska

    Chapter 10 Beyond the Dichotomy of Hard and Soft Power: A Case Study of the EU's Naval Engagement in te Indo-Pacific Region

    Gao Xinchuchu and Chen Xuechen


    Stefano Valdemarin, Alexandre Bohas and Thomas Hoerber



    Thomas Hoerber is Professor for European Studies and holds a Jean Monnet Chair in European Studies. He directs the EU*Asia Institute at ESSCA School of Management (Angers).

    Alexandre Bohas is Professor in International Affairs at ESSCA School of Management on the Aix-en-Provence campus and a research associate at CERGAM, Aix-Marseille Université.

    Stefano Valdemarin is Associate Professor in International Business and Strategy at ESSCA School of Management (Lyon) and holds a PhD in Management Sciences from the University of Lyon.