1st Edition

The Earth Beneath Our Feet An Earth Science Unit for High-Ability Learners in Grades 3-4

    140 Pages
    by Prufrock Press

    Children are fascinated by rocks. They enjoy digging in the ground and take pleasure in finding rocks of various types. The Earth Beneath Our Feet, an Earth science unit for high-ability third and fourth graders, builds on the excitement that students have by engaging them in hands-on scientific investigations about rocks. Students begin to explore and understand the major components of rocks, the rock cycle, and the important uses of rocks. The unit works to expand the students' content knowledge by including information about weathering and the impact that various natural and man-made processes have on the ground they walk on.

    Grades 3-4

    Acknowledgements Part One: Unit Overview Introduction to the Unit Teacher’s Guide to Content Unit Glossary Teaching Resources Part Two: Lesson Plans Overview of Lessons Preteaching Lesson: Science Safety Lesson 1: Preassessment Lesson 2: What Is a Scientist? Lesson 3: The Concept of Change Lesson 4: Becoming a Geologist Lesson 5: Rock Detectives Lesson 6: Changing Rocks Lesson 7: Soil Formation Lesson 8: Components of Soil Lesson 9: Soil Horizons Lesson 10: Plants and Soil Lesson 11: Erosion Lesson 12: Erosion as Change Lesson 13: Erosion Prevention Lesson 14: Contemporary Issue: Fracking Lesson 15: Persuasive Writing Lesson 16: Putting It All Together Lesson 17: Postassessment Part Three: Appendices Appendix A: Concept Paper on Change Appendix B: Teaching Models Appendix C: Materials List References Next Generation Science Standards Alignment


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