1st Edition

The Earthly Paradise by William Morris

Edited By Florence Boos, William Morris Copyright 2002

    This annotated critical edition is the first attempt to make Morris's 42,000-word verse sequence accessible to a modern audience.

    1: September; 1: The Death of Paris; 2: The Land East of the Sun and West of the Moon; 2: October; 3: The Story of Acontius and Cydippe; 4: The Man Who Never Laughed Again; 3: November; 5: The Story of Rhodope; 6: The Lovers of Gudrun; 4: December; 7: The Golden Apples; 8: The Fostering of Aslaug; 5: January; 9: Bellerophon at Argos; 10: The Ring Given to Venus; 6: February; 11: Bellerophon in Lycia; 12: The Hill of Venus


    William Morris, Florence Boos

    "It is time that a work of such richness and beauty, whatever its flaws, was again made available, and, for that, Routledge and Professor Boos are to be praised without reservation. Boos's introduction is helpful and perceptive." -- Clive Wilmer, The Times Literary Supplement
    "Professor Boos is the most prominent of a number of scholars, most of them American and relatively young, who have argued against the poem's neglect, attributing it to our intellectual laziness: a passive acceptance of the modernist reaction against Victorian monuments." -- Clive Wilmer, The Times Literary Supplement