1st Edition

The Easy Guide to OSCEs for Communication Skills

    It is increasingly recognised that communication plays a pivotal role in obtaining successful clinical outcomes. However, despite an increase in communication skills teaching, much of literature on this topic is targeted at senior doctors and researchers, and many medical students still find demonstrating competence in communication skills OSCEs a challenge. This book lightens the load by simplifying communication skills, explaining key theories and concepts simply and illustrating them through practical role plays. It covers a wide variety of common dilemmas in clinical and examination settings, and tackles challenging and increasingly familiar areas such as cross-cultural sensitivities, communicating with a patients whose first language is not English, and communicating with patients who have complaints about their treatment. 'Written in a clear and refreshing style that helps to demystify this vast and complex topic. - John S Rohan

    Introduction & Basic Communication Skills. Breaking Bad News. Cross Cultural Communication. Apologising for Mistakes. Dealing with Complaints. Communicating with an Angry Patients. Explaining Medical Conditions. Explaining Medical Procedures. Intra-professional skills. English as a Foreign Language. Prejudices & Discrimination. Index. Appendix.


    MUHAMMED AKUNJEE GP Principal, NAZMUL AKUNJEE GP Registrar, SHOAIB SIDDIQUI Specialist Medical Training, ALI SAMEER MALLICK Specialist Surgical Training