1st Edition

The Economic Analysis of Terrorism

Edited By Tilman Brück Copyright 2007
    318 Pages 27 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    320 Pages 27 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Whilst most books look at the political response to terror, this unique book takes an economic approach and includes contributions from Todd Sandler, Sanjay Jain, Andrew Chen, Valpy Fitzgerald and Dennis Mueller.

    Research in the field of terrorism has increased dramatically since 9/11, responding to the sudden need by policy makers, journalists and the general public to understand terrorism. A unique feature of this field of research is that it expands beyond typical academic categories such as macroeconomics, development studies, international relations or peace science, instead, a range of analysts have applied their various skills of different sub-disciplines to a common theme since 9/11, providing inter-disciplinary insights characterized by a clear focus.


    Part 1: Introduction  1. A Brief Survey of the Economic Analysis of Terrorism Tilman Brück  Part 2: Features of Terrorism  2. An Economic Perspective on Transnational Terrorism Todd Sandler and Walter Enders  3. Economic Conditions and Terrorism S. Brock Blomberg, Gregory D. Hess and Akila Weerapana  4. The Economics of High-Visibility Terrorism Sanjay Jain and Sharun W. Mukand  5. Decomposing Violence: Political Murder in Colombia, 1946-99 Jurgen Brauer, Alejandro Gómez-Sorzano and Sankar Sethuraman  Part 3: Economic Effects of Terrorism  6. The Effects of Terrorism on Global Capital Markets Andrew H. Chen and Thomas F. Siems  7. Terrorism-Induced Structural Shifts In Financial Risk - The Case of Airline Stocks in the Aftermath of 11 September Terror Attacks Konstantinos Drakos  8. Financial Markets and Terrorism Rafi Eldor and Rafi Melnick  9. Global Terrorism and the Insurance Industry: New Challenges and Policy Responses Michael Wolgast  10. Terrorism and International Trade: An Empirical Investigation Volker Nitsch and Dieter Schumacher  11. Fiscal Consequences of Armed Conflict and Terrorism in Low- and Middle-Income Countries Sanjeev Gupta, Benedict Clements, Rina Bhattacharya and Shamit Chakravarti  Part 4: Anti-Terrorist Policies  12. Rights and Citizenship in a World of Global Terrorism Dennis C. Mueller  13. Decentralization as a Response to Terror Bruno S. Frey and Simon Luechinger  14. Global Threats and the Domestic Struggle for Power Michelle R. Garfinkel  15. Global Financial Information, Compliance Incentives and Terrorist Funding  Valpy FitzGerald  16. An Economic Analysis of Security Policies Tilman Brück  Part 5: Epilogue  17. Terror: The "ism" versus the "ists"  Geoffrey Brennan


    Tilman Brück