1st Edition

The Economic Development of the USSR

By Roger Munting Copyright 1982

    The Economic Development of the USSR (1982) examines the economic advances the Soviet Union made as the first major economy to adopt full-scale socialist planning. It argues that the Soviet experience demonstrates that remarkable quantitative economic progress can be achieved but at a price which Western democracies would not tolerate. Moreover, while the planning and control mechanism of the USSR produced striking results, in the case of agriculture it often failed to produce satisfactory results. The book provides an impartial assessment of the merits and defects of the Soviet planning system, which also served as a model for many other Communist countries.

    1. Russia Before 1917  2. New Economic Policies  3. Change of Course  4. The Advent of Central Planning  5. War and Recovery  6. Khrushchev in Power  7. After Khrushchev  8. Population, Labour and Incomes  9. The USSR in the World Economy


    Roger Munting