772 Pages 157 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The Economics of Health and Health Care is the market-leading health economics textbook, providing comprehensive coverage of all the key topics, and balancing economic theory, empirical evidence, and public policy.

    The ninth edition offers updated material throughout, including two new chapters: Disparities in Health and Health Care (Chapter 7) examines issues of race, ethnicity, income, gender, and geography with respect to health care access, health inputs, and health outcomes; Pandemic Economics (Chapter 9) introduces a new and simplified economic treatment of epidemics and pandemics within the context of COVID-19. We also include applications from the growing literature on digital medicine. The book further highlights the impacts of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and updates its path-breaking comparative analyses across countries to focus on the differences in access and costs.

    The book continues to provide a clear, step-by-step understanding of health economics, making economic principles accessible to students, supported by boxed examples, figures and tables. Each chapter contains concise summaries, discussion questions, and quantitative exercises to promote student learning. There is also a glossary of key terms and an extensive reference list.  Instructors are supported by a range of digital supplements. It is the perfect textbook for students and practitioners taking undergraduate and postgraduate courses in health economics, health policy, and public health.

    Part I: Basic Economic Tools 1. Introduction 2. Microeconomic Tools for Health Economics 3. Statistical Tools for Health Economics Part II: Population Health 4. Production of Health 5. Demand for Health Capital 6. Economic Efficiency and Cost-Benefit Analysis 7. Disparities in Health and Health Care 8. The Health Economics of Bads 9. Pandemic Economics Part III: Supply and Demand 10. The Production, Cost, and Technology of Health Care 11. Consumer Choice and Demand Part IV: Information and Insurance Markets 12. Asymmetric Information and Agency 13. Demand and Supply of Health Insurance 14. The Organization of Health Insurance Markets 15. Managed Care Part V: Key Players in the Health Care Sector 16. Hospitals and Long-Term Care 17. The Physician’s Practice 18. Health Care Labor Markets and Professional Training 19. The Pharmaceutical Industry Part VI: Social Insurance 20. Equity, Efficiency, and Need 21. Government Intervention in Health Care Markets 22. Social Insurance 23. Comparative Health Care Systems 24. Health System Reform


    Sherman Folland was Professor Emeritus of Economics at Oakland University, USA.

    Allen C. Goodman is Professor Emeritus of Economics at Wayne State University, USA.

    Miron Stano is Professor Emeritus of Economics and Management at Oakland University, USA.

    Shooshan Danagoulian is Associate Professor of Economics at Wayne State University, USA.