1st Edition

The Economics of Offsets Defence Procurement and Coutertrade

By Stephen Martin Copyright 1996
    352 Pages
    by Routledge

    430 Pages
    by Routledge

    Despite their growth, outlined and analysed in this book, the claims and counter-claims that surround offsets have not been subjected to critical scrutiny by economists. This book fills that gap. It brings together a team of internationally renowned specialists to document and evaluate the economic impact of several countries' offset policies. In addition, the papers by industrialists and defence officials yield further insights which help to tease out which of the claims made for offsets do not stand critical scrutiny.

    Chapter 1 Introduction and Overview, Stephen Martin; Chapter 2 Countertrade and Offsets An Overview of the Theory and Evidence, Stephen Martin; Chapter 3 The Defence Offsets Policy in Australia, Stefan Markowski, Peter Hall; Chapter 4 Offsets and Weapons Procurement, Wally Struys; Chapter 5 In Search of a Strategy, James Fergusson; Chapter 6 Offsets and French Arms Exports, Jean-Paul Hébert; Chapter 7 Offset Benefits in Greek Defence Procurement Policy, Nicholas Antonakis; Chapter 8 Defense Industrialisation through Offsets, Michael W. Chinworth, Ron Matthews; Chapter 9 Saudi Arabia and Offsets, Abdulla M. Al-Ghrair, Nick Hooper; Chapter 10 The Teeth of the Little Tigers, Dean Cheng, Michael W. Chinworth; Chapter 11 From Offsets to Industrial Cooperation, Jordi Molas-Gallart; Chapter 12 US — Swiss F-5 Transaction and the Evolution of Swiss Offset Policy, Bernard Udis; Chapter 13 The UK Experience with Offsets, Stephen Martin, Keith Hartley; Chapter 14 US Offset Policy, Bernard Udis, Keith E. Maskus; Chapter 15 The Business of Offset, Alon Redlich, Maison Miscavage; Chapter 16 Concluding Remarks, Stephen Martin;


    Stephen Martin The Centre for Defence Economics University of York, UK