1st Edition

The Economics of Vilfredo Pareto

By Renato Cirillo Copyright 1979
    160 Pages
    by Routledge

    by Routledge

    Published in 1978, The Economics of Vilfredo Pareto is an important contribution to History.

    Part 1 Introduction. Part 2 Vilfredo Pareto - his life and his economic theories: the man; the economist; the Cours and the Manuel; Pareto's major contributions to economics. Part 3 Pareto's methodological approach: ethical neutrality; economic sociology; Leon Walras and Pareto; note on the second school of Lausanne. Part 4 The Pareto optimum and welfare economics: a social welfare function; the theory of second best. Part 5 The law of income distribution: extracts from the Cours. Part 6 Utility theory and general economic equilibrium: extracts from the Cours and the Manuel. Part 7 General equilibrium theory: notes on production and marginal productivity theories; extracts from the Cours and the Manuel. Part 8 Pareto's minor contributions to theory: capital; rent; theory of the firm; monopoly and other forms of imperfect competition; the theory of money; economic crises and fluctuations; the theory of international trade; collective economies. Part 9 Conclusion.


    R. Cirillo