1st Edition

The Egyptian World

Edited By Toby Wilkinson Copyright 2007
    586 Pages
    by Routledge

    586 Pages
    by Routledge

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    Authoritative and up-to-date, this key single-volume work is a thematic exploration of ancient Egyptian civilization and culture as it was expressed down the centuries.

    Including topics rarely covered elsewhere as well as new perspectives, this work comprises thirty-two original chapters written by international experts. Each chapter gives an overview of its topic, and also covers the latest research in the area. Chapters are divided thematically into seven sections, to enable a broader understanding of all the complexities of ancient Egyptian society without the constriction of chronological divisions, and illustrated with previously unpublished photographs and drawings.

    Providing fresh perspectives on this ancient culture, a digest of current research trends in Egyptology as well as a unique examination of the Egyptian world, this fascinating title enables students to gain a clear understanding of ancient Egyptian society.

    List of Illustrations

    List of Contributors

    Chronology and king list


    <I>Toby Wilkinson<$>


    <B>Part I: Environments<$>

    1 The Nile Valley

    <I>David Jeffreys<$>


    2 The Delta

    <I>Penelops Wilson<$>


    3 The deserts

    <I>John Darnell<$>


    4 The oases

    <I>A.J. Mills<$>


    5 Urban life

    <I>Nadine Moeller<$>


    <B>Part II: Institutions<$>

    6 The monarchy

    <I>Aidan Dodson<$>


    7 The administration

    <I>Chris Naunron<$> and<I> Karen Exell<$>


    8 The temple priesthood

    <I>Rosalie David<$>


    9 The army

    <I>Tony Spalinger<$>


    <B>Part III: Economies <$>

    10 Agriculture and animal husbandry

    <I>Douglas Brewer<$>

    11 Craft production and technology

    <I>Anna Stevens<$> and <I>Mark Eccleston<$>


    12 Labour

    <I>Kathlyn M. Cooney<$>


    13 State and private enterprise

    <I>Edward Bleiberg<$>


    14 Land tenure and taxation

    <I>Sally Katary<$>


    <B>Part IV: Societies <$>

    15 Gender and sexuality

    <I>T.G. Wilfong<$>


    16 Ethnicity and culture

    <I>Stuart Tyson Smith<$>


    17 Local identities

    <I>Fredrik Hagen<$>


    18 Morality and ethics

    <I>Boyo G. Ockinga<$>


    19 Law

    <I>Schafik Allam<$>


    <B>Part V: Ideologies <$>

    20 Kingship

    <I>Katja Goebs<$>


    21 Creation myths

    <I>Lucia Gahlin<$>


    22 Temple cults

    <I>Emily Teeter<$>


    23 Private religion

    <I>Lucia Gahlin<$>


    24 Afterlife beliefs and burial customs

    <I>Salima Ikram<$>


    <B>Part VI: Aesthetics <$>

    25 Art

    <I>Gay Robbins<$>


    26 Architecture

    <I>Kate Spence<$>


    27 Literature

    <I>James Allen<$>


    <B>Part VII: Interactions<$>

    28 Egypt and Nubia

    <I>Timothy Kendall<$>


    29 Egypt and the Levant

    <I>Manfred Bietak<$>


    30 Egypt and Mesopotamia

    <I>Toby Wilkinson<$>


    31 Egypt and the Mediterranean world

    <I>Louise Steel<$>


    32 Egypt and the modern world

    <I>Andrew Bednarski<$>




    Toby Wilkinson is a Fellow of Clare College, Cambridge, and an Honorary Research Fellow in the Department of Archaeology, University of Durham. His publications include Early Dynastic Egypt, The Thames and Hudson Dictionary of Ancient Egypt, and Lives of the Ancient Egyptians.

    "Few books examine the broader topics of ancient Egyptian culture, but that is exactly what this impressive volume does...it should be a must-have and must-read volume for anyone studying ancient Egypt, for there are important subjects covered and explored here, that you will not find easily elsewhere." Ancient Egypt, December 2007