1st Edition

The Elderly Eyewitness in Court

ISBN 9781848725386
Published February 18, 2014 by Psychology Press
404 Pages 24 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

The majority of research on eyewitness memory has traditionally studied children and young adults. By contrast, this volume is designed to provide an overview of empirical research on the cognitive, social, and health related factors that impact the accuracy of eyewitness testimony given by the elderly.

The book takes a lifespan developmental perspective that incorporates research on witnesses of all ages, but uses the findings to focus on issues unique to the elderly. This includes research on recognition memory with lineup identifications and recall memory that occurs when an elderly witness is asked to describe an event in court. The Elderly Eyewitness also examines jurors’ reactions to the testimony of an elderly witness, and the legal and social policy issues that emerge when the elderly witness participate in legal proceedings. While reviewing what is known about the elderly witness, the book also provides a direction for future research into this new frontier of scientific inquiry.

Its audience spans researchers in cognitive and developmental psychology, and professionals working in the growing area of psychology and law.

Table of Contents

Part 1: Memory for People. The Reliability of Eyewitness Identifications by the Elderly: An Evidence-based Review, S.L. Sporer, N. Martschuk. Misinformation Effect in Older versus Younger Adults: A Meta-analysis and Review, L.E. Wylie, L. Patihis, L.L. McCuller, D.Davis, E.M. Brank, E. F. Loftus, B. Bornstein. True and False Recognition of Faces by Older Persons, J. Barltett. Eyewitness Identifications: The Interaction Between Witness Age and Estimator Variables, J. Beaudry, C. Bullard. Improving the Performance of Older Witnesses on Identification Procedures, R. Wilcock, R. Bull. Part 2: Memory for Events. Aging and False Memory: Fuzzy-trace Theory and the Elderly Eyewitness, C.F.A Gomes, B.R. Cohen, A. Desai, C.J. Brainerd, V.F. Reyna. Eyewitness Memory and Metamemory in Older Adults, J. Price, M. Mueller, S.Wetmore, J. Neuschatz. Associative Memory Deficits: Implications for the Elderly Eyewitness, D.J. LaVoie, K. Fogler. Accuracy of Eyewitness Memory for Events in Young and Older Adults, A. Aizpurura, M. Migueles, E. Garcia-Bajos. Memory Trust and Distrust in Elderly Eyewitnesses: To what Extent do Older Adults Doubt their Memories?, L. Henkel. Interviewing the Elderly Eyewitness, T.A. Marche, J.L. Briere, T. L. Cordwell, R. E. Holliday. Part 3: Special Topics in Elderly Eyewitness Memory. A Credible Crime Report? Communication and Perceived Credibility of Elderly Eyewitnesses, M. Allison, C.A.E. Brimacombe. Uniting Theory to Empirical Evidence: How to Understand Memory of the Elderly Witness, A.K. Thomas, L. Gordon, J.B. Bulevich. The Older Witness in Court-An International Perspective, G.Davies, N. Robertson. Testimony by the Elderly in the Eyes of the Jury: The Impact of Juror Characteristics, A.E. Pittman, M.P. Toglia, C.T. Leone, K. Mueller-Johnson.

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