3rd Edition

The Electric Power Engineering Handbook - Five Volume Set

Edited By Leonard L. Grigsby Copyright 2012
    3038 Pages 700 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    The Electric Power Engineering Handbook, Third Edition updates coverage of recent developments and rapid technological growth in crucial aspects of power systems, including protection, dynamics and stability, operation, and control. With contributions from worldwide field leaders—edited by L.L. Grigsby, one of the world’s most respected, accomplished authorities in power engineering—this reference includes chapters on:

    • Nonconventional Power Generation
    • Conventional Power Generation
    • Transmission Systems
    • Distribution Systems
    • Electric Power Utilization
    • Power Quality
    • Power System Analysis and Simulation
    • Power System Transients
    • Power System Planning (Reliability)
    • Power Electronics
    • Power System Protection
    • Power System Dynamics and Stability
    • Power System Operation and Control

    Content includes a simplified overview of advances in international standards, practices, and technologies, such as small-signal stability and power system oscillations, power system stability controls, and dynamic modeling of power systems. Each book in this popular series supplies a high level of detail and, more importantly, a tutorial style of writing and use of photographs and graphics to help the reader understand the material. This resource will help readers achieve safe, economical, high-quality power delivery in a dynamic and demanding environment.

    Volumes in the set:
    K12642 Electric Power Generation, Transmission, and Distribution, Third Edition (ISBN: 9781439856284)
    K12648 Power Systems, Third Edition (ISBN: 9781439856338)
    K13917 Power System Stability and Control, Third Edition (9781439883204)
    K12650 Electric Power Substations Engineering, Third Edition (9781439856383)
    K12643 Electric Power Transformer Engineering, Third Edition (9781439856291)

    Electric Power Transformer Engineering
    Theory and Principles, D.J. Allan and H. Moore
    Power Transformers, H.J. Sim and S.H. Digby
    Distribution Transformers, D.L. Galloway, D. Mulkey, and A.L. Wilks
    Phase-Shifting Transformers, G. Preininger
    Rectifier Transformers, S.P. Kennedy
    Dry-Type Transformers, C.W. Johnson, Jr.
    Instrument Transformers, R. Mullikin
    Step-Voltage Regulators, C.A. Colopy
    Constant-Voltage Transformers, A. Maitra, A. Gaikwad, A. Mansoor, D. Dorr, and R. Ferraro
    Transformers for Wind Turbine Generators and Photovoltaic Applications, D.E. Buckmaster and H. Shertukde
    Reactors, R.F. Dudley, M. Sharp, A. Castanheira, and B.B. Biglar
    Insulating Media, T.A. Prevost, D.L. Hanson, L.J. Savio, and T. Haupert
    Electrical Bushings, L.B. Wagenaar
    Tap Changers and Smart Intelligent Controls, D. Dohnal, A. Kraemer, and K. Viereck
    Loading and Thermal Performance, R.F. Tillman, Jr. and D.A. Duckett
    Transformer Connections, S. Shull and D.D. Perco
    Transformer Testing, S.P. Mehta and W.R. Henning
    Load-Tap-Change Control and Transformer Paralleling, J.H. Harlow
    Power Transformer Protection, A. Guzman, H.J. Altuve, and G. Benmouyal
    Causes and Effects of Transformer Sound Levels, J.L. Puri
    Transient-Voltage Response of Coils and Windings, R.C. Degeneff
    Transformer Installation and Maintenance, T.D. Kabrich
    Problem and Failure Investigation, W.B. Binder and H. Moore
    On-Line Monitoring of Liquid-Immersed Transformers, G.R. Hoffman
    U.S. Power Transformer Equipment Standards and Processes, P.J. Hopkinson

    Power Systems
    Part I: Power System Analysis and Simulation,
    A.P. Hanson
    The Per-Unit System, C.A. Gross
    Symmetrical Components for Power System Analysis, A.F. Sleva
    Power Flow Analysis, L.L. Grigsby and Andrew P. Hanson
    Fault Analysis in Power Systems, C.A. Gross
    Computational Methods for Electric Power Systems, M.L. Crow

    Part II: Power System Transients,
    P. Chowdhuri
    Characteristics of Lightning Strokes, F. De la Rosa
    Overvoltages Caused by Direct Lightning Strokes, P. Chowdhuri
    Overvoltages Caused by Indirect Lightning Strokes, P. Chowdhuri
    Switching Surges, S.R. Lambert
    Very Fast Transients, J.A. Martinez-Velasco
    Transmission System Transients: Grounding, W.A. Chisholm
    Transient Recovery Voltage, T.E. McDermott
    Surge Arresters, T.E. McDermott
    Insulation Coordination, S.R. Lambert

    Part III: Power System Planning (reliability),
    G.B. Sheble
    Planning Environments, G.B. Sheble
    Short-Term Load and Price Forecasting with Artificial Neural Networks, A. Khotanzad
    Transmission Plan Evaluation: Assessment of System Reliability, N.D. Reppen and James W. Feltes
    Power System Planning, H.M. Merrill
    Power System Reliability , R.E. Brown
    Probabilistic Methods for Planning and Operational Analysis, G.T. Heydt and P.W. Sauer
    Engineering Principles of Electricity Pricing, L.J. Vogt
    Business Essentials, R.E. Brown

    Part IV: Power Electronics, R. Mark Nelms
    Power Semiconductor Devices, K. Rajashekara and Z.J. Shen
    Uncontrolled and Controlled Rectifiers, M.M. Swamy
    Inverters, M.G. Giesselmann
    Active Filters for Power Conditioning, H. Akagi
    FACTS Controllers, L. Moran, J. Dixon, M.J. Espinoza, and J. Rodriguez
    Power Electronics for Renewable Energy, W. Qiao

    Power System Stability and Control
    Part I: Power System Protection,
    Miroslav M. Begovic
    Transformer Protection, A. Apostolov, J. Appleyard, A. Elneweihi, R. Haas, and G.W. Swift
    The Protection of Synchronous Generators, G. Benmouyal
    Transmission Line Protection, S.H. Horowitz
    System Protection, M.M. Begovic
    Digital Relaying, J.S. Thorp
    Use of Oscillograph Records to Analyze System Performance, J.R. Boyle
    Systems Aspects of Large Blackouts, I. Dobson

    Part II: Power System Dynamics and Stability,
    P.S. Kundur
    Power System Stability, P.S. Kundur
    Transient Stability, K. Morison
    Small-Signal Stability and Power System Oscillations, J. Paserba, J. Sanchez-Gasca, L. Wang, P.S. Kundur, E. Larsen, and C. Concordia
    Voltage Stability, Y. Mansour and C. Cañizares
    Direct Stability Methods, V. Vittal
    Power System Stability Controls, C.W. Taylor
    Power System Dynamic Modeling, W.W. Price and J. Sanchez-Gasca
    Wide-Area Monitoring and Situational Awareness, M. Parashar, J.C. Giri, R. Nuqui, D. Kosterev, R.M. Gardner, M. Adamiak, D. Trudnowski, A. Chakrabortty, R. Menezes de Moraes, V. Madani, J. Dagle, W. Sattinger, D. Novosel, M. Glavic, Y. Hu, I. Dobson, A. Phadke, and J.S. Thorp
    Assessment of Power System Stability and Dynamic Security Performance, L. Wang and P. Pourbeik
    Power System Dynamic Interaction with Turbine Generators, B.L. Agrawal, D.G. Ramey, and R.G. Farmer
    Wind Power Integration in Power Systems, R. Iravani
    Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS), R.K. Varma and J. Paserba

    Part III: Power System Operation and Control,
    B.F. Wollenberg
    Energy Management, N.K. Stanton, J.C. Giri, and A. Bose
    Generation Control: Economic Dispatch and Unit Commitment, C.W. Richter Jr.
    State Estimation, J.G. Lindquist and D. Julian
    Optimal Power Flow, M.E. El-Hawary
    Security Analysis, N. Hadjsaid

    Electric Power Generation, Transmission, and Distribution
    Part I: Electric Power Generation: Nonconventional Methods, S. Rahman
    Wind Power, V. Nelson
    Photovoltaic Fundamentals, R.A. Messenger
    Advanced Energy Technologies, S. Rahman
    Water, V. Nelson

    Part II: Electric Power Generation: Conventional Methods,
    R. Ramakumar
    Hydroelectric Power Generation, S.R. Brockschink, J.H. Gurney, and D.B. Seely
    Synchronous Machinery, P.I. Nippes
    Thermal Generating Plants, K.H. Sebra
    Distributed Utilities, J.R. Kennedy and R. Ramakumar

    Part III: Transmission System, G.G. Karady
    Concept of Energy Transmission and Distribution, G.G. Karady
    Transmission Line Structures, J.C. Pohlman
    Insulators and Accessories, G.G. Karady and R.G. Farmer
    Transmission Line Construction and Maintenance, J. Green, D. Chipman, and Y. Gill
    Insulated Power Cables Used in Underground Applications, M.L. Dyer
    Transmission Line Parameters, M. Reta-Hernández
    Sag and Tension of Conductor, D.A. Douglass and F. Ridley Thrash
    Corona and Noise, G.N. Trinh
    Geomagnetic Disturbances and Impacts upon Power System Operation, J.G. Kappenman
    Lightning Protection, W.A. Chisholm
    Reactive Power Compensation, R.S. Thallam and G. Joós
    Environmental Impact of Transmission Lines, G.G. Karady
    Transmission Line Reliability Methods, B. Keel, V.C. Patel, and H. Stewart Nunn II
    High-Voltage Direct Current Transmission System, G.G. Karady and G. Joós
    Transmission Line Structures, R.E. Nickerson, P.M. Kandaris, and A.M. DiGioia, Jr.
    Advanced Technology High-Temperature Conductors, J.R. Hunt

    Part IV: Distribution Systems, W.H. Kersting
    Power System Loads, R.R. Shoults and Larry D. Swift
    Distribution System Modeling and Analysis, W.H. Kersting
    Power System Operation and Control, G.L. Clark and Simon W. Bowen
    Hard to Find Information (on Distribution System Characteristics and Protection), J. Burke
    Real-Time Control of Distributed Generation, M. Dilek and R.P. Broadwater
    Distribution Short-Circuit Protection, T.A. Short

    Part V: Electric Power Utilization,
    A.P. Hanson
    Metering of Electric Power and Energy, J.V. Grubbs
    Basic Electric Power Utilization: Loads, Load Characterization and Load Modeling, A.P. Hanson
    Electric Power Utilization: Motors, C.A. Gross
    Linear Electric Motors, J.F. Gieras

    Part VI: Power Quality,
    S. Mark Halpin
    Introduction, S. Mark Halpin
    Wiring and Grounding for Power Quality, Christopher J. Melhorn
    Harmonics in Power Systems, S. Mark Halpin
    Voltage Sags, Math H.J. Bollen
    Voltage Fluctuations and Lamp Flicker in Power Systems, S. Mark Halpin
    Power Quality Monitoring, P. Coleman

    Electric Power Substations Engineering
    How a Substation Happens, J. Burke and A.-M. Sahazizian
    Gas-Insulated Substations, P. Bolin
    Air-Insulated Substations: Bus/Switching Configurations, M.J. Bio
    High-Voltage Switching Equipment, D.L. Harris and D. Childress
    High-Voltage Power Electronic Substations, D. Retzmann and A. Mukherjee
    Interface between Automation and the Substation, J.W. Evans
    Substation Integration and Automation, E. MacDonald
    Oil Containment, T. Meisner
    Community Considerations, J.H. Sosinski
    Animal Deterrents/Security, M. Stine
    Substation Grounding, R.P. Keil
    Direct Lightning Stroke Shielding of Substations, R.S. Nowell
    Seismic Considerations, E. Fujisaki
    Substation Fire Protection, D. Delcourt
    Substation Communications, D.E. Nordell
    Physical Security of Substations, J. Oglevie, W. B. Dietzman, and C. Smith
    Cyber Security of Substation Control and Diagnostic Systems, D. Thanos
    Gas-Insulated Transmission Line, H. Koch
    Substation Asset Management, H.L. Willis and R.E. Brown
    Station Commissioning and Project Closeout, J. Burke and R. Clarke
    Energy Storage, R. Masiello
    Role of Substations in Smart Grids, S. Borlase, M.C. Janssen, M. Pesin, and B. Wojszczyk


    Leonard L. Grigsby