1st Edition

The Elements of Education for School Leaders 50 Research-Based Principles Every School Leader Should Know

    114 Pages
    by Eye On Education

    114 Pages
    by Eye On Education

    What skills are needed to ensure success as a school leader today? How do you ensure great teaching and learning is happening in your school? How do you build leadership capacity within your teams? To answer these questions, the authors combined up-to-date research with their own leadership experiences to assemble fifty essential principles that will help school leaders focus on what is most important.

    This book provides clear, concise, and valuable advice for school leaders and their leadership teams. Each principle is paired with a case study that places each one in a real-life context. The Elements of Education for School Leaders is an essential resource for anyone who wants to lead an effective school.

    Acknowledgements  Meet the Authors  Introduction  1. Admissions  2. Assessment  3. Attendance  4. Change Management  5. College Counseling  6. Communication Excellence  7. Community Engagement  8. Co-Teaching  9. Crisis Leadership  10. Crisis Management  11. Curriculum Leadership  12. Data-Driven Decision-Making  13. Death and Bereavement  14. Developmental Coaching  15. Differentiation  16. Discipline  17. Double-Loop Learning  18. Ethical Misconduct  19. Faculty Evaluation  20. Goal Setting  21. Grading  22. Hiring  23. In-the-Moment Feedback  24. Inclusivity and Diversity  25. Innovation Leadership  26. Instructional Coaching  27. Instructional Rounds  28. Leadership Team  29. Meeting Facilitation  30. Mentorship  31. Mission and Vision  32. Networking  33. New Teacher Induction  34. One-on-One (O3) Meeting  35. Operational Excellence  36. Piloting Crazy Ideas  37. Principal Practices  38. Prioritization  39. Professional Development  40. Progress Over Perfection  41. Safety and Security  42. Scheduling  43. School Climate  44. Situational Decision-Making  45. Special Education  46. Strategic Retention  47. Succession Planning  48. Termination 49. Turnaround Leadership  50. Union Partnerships


    Julia Chun is the director of global education at Avenues The World School. She also was the founding principal of the New Visions Charter High School for Advanced Math and Science, the first in a network of ten charter high schools in New York City.

    Tyler Tingley has led four American independent schools: Kingswood-Oxford School in Connecticut, the Blake School in Minnesota, and Phillips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire, as well as co-head of Avenues The World School in New York City. He is currently a strategic advisor at Avenues The World School.

    William Lidwell is the chief research and development officer of the Tiger Works research and development team at Avenues The World School. He is the author of several books, including the best-selling Universal Principles of Design.

    "Our principals face some of the toughest challenges of any profession. Pressed for time, and stretched to their limits, our leaders need a go-to guidebook that’s straight to the point and meets the moment – The Elements of Education for School Leaders is that book. Take it with you on your leadership journey." —Jean S. Desravines, CEO of New Leaders

    "This book is a brilliant distillation of essential school leadership principles and skills that are critical for everyone interested in the field. It helps us tune out the noise and remain focused on building a collaborative, compassionate, student-centered learning environment. An incredibly useful must-have tool to get and remain leadership smart and sharp!"—Rhonda Perry, Principal, The Salk School of Science

    "Leading a school wellwhether public, private, or charterhas never been more challenging. Or essential. The best teachers are good storytellers, and this volumelike a well-versed mentoroffers sound, actionable guidance interspersed with tales of what daily leadership looks and feels like today, with its complexities, agendas, and hard-won successes. Though fictional, the challenges presented here are as familiar as tomorrow’s faculty meeting and as hard to ignore as the reporter outside the door. The Elements of Education for School Leaders can be a trusted and ready companion to any school leader."—Jeffrey C. Bradley, Director, New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Inc.

    "Just as Strunk & White’s The Elements of Style has been a constant companion throughout my academic and professional life, I will now also keep The Elements of Education for School Leaders close at hand. It is a fantastic reference covering a range of highly pertinent topics in a clear and succinct manner. The Elements of Education for School Leaders has become my "go to" starting place when I need quick assistance and when I aspire to be more effective and inspiring as a leader. It’s like having an experienced consultant or coach in my office at all times."—David Perry, Director, American Embassy School, New Delhi

    "The practical explanations of each of the extensive list of leadership concepts, coupled with the engaging case studies crafted to illustrate them, make The Elements of Education a must-read for all new and aspiring school leaders. The book’s structure cleverly allows the reader to do a comprehensive study of the concepts or just dip into those areas in which they feel they need to grow."Sheena Nabholz, Director of School Relations, Search Associates (former Head of Lincoln Community School), Ghana

    "This book is a great outline and overview to all the elements leaders must address in their difficult job of running a school. And what a list it is! Leadership positions are difficult and stressfulyet they are also the most rewarding.   This book helps you navigate a wide variety of areas that all leaders must consider. The outline, which ranges from misconduct to community engagement and from admissions to crisis management, offers advice and case studies that help those in leadership positions examine the best path forward. It also recommends some outstanding resources. Kudos to Julia Chun, Tyler Tingley, and William Lidwell from Avenues, The World School-New York City for publishing this resource."—Laura Light, Executive Director, The Association for Advancement of International Education (AAIE)