1st Edition

The Emergence of the Welfare State in Britain and Germany

Edited By

Wolfgang Mommsen

ISBN 9781138618626
Published August 15, 2020 by Routledge
458 Pages

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Originally published in 1981 The Emergence of the Welfare State in Britain and Germany 1850-1950 is an edited collection on the history and future prospects of the modern welfare state. It attempts to pave the way for an analysis of the problems of the welfare state and its historical origins, and the likely future that transcends the nation-state orientated historical accounts. This collection of essays seeks to promote an interdisciplinary approach to the problems of the welfare state in two industrial societies. So far historians and social scientists concerned with this field of research have tended to work in isolation from one another, without mutual exchange of knowledge and using different methods. This book attempts to give equal scope to both perspectives.

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Part I: The Historical Foundations of the Welfare State

1. The English Poor Law and the Origins of the British Welfare State, Derek Fraser

2. English Social Policy Around the Middle of the Nineteenth Century as seen by German Social Reformers, Jürgen Reulecke

3. The Crisis of Poor Relief in England 1860-1890, Michael E. Rose

4. Bismarck’s Social Legislation: A Genuine Breakthrough?, Jürgen Tampke

5. The Origins of British National Insurance and the German Precedent 1880-1914, E. Peter Hennock

6. The British Business Community, Social Insurance and the German Example, Roy Hay

7. German Industry and Bismarck’s Social Security System, Hans-Peter Ullmann

8. State and Unemployment in Germany 1890-1918 (Labour Exchanges, Job Creation and Unemployment Insurance), Anselm Faust

Part II: Unemployment and the Crisis of the Welfare Policies in the Interwar Period

9. Keynes and the Treasury View: The Case for and Against an Active Unemployment Policy in Britain 1920-1939, Robert Skidelsky

10. The Crisis of German Unemployment Insurance in 1928/1929 and its Political Repercussions, Bernd Weisbrod

11. Creation of Employment as a Welfare Policy. The Final Phase of the Weimar Republic, Michael Wolffsohn

Part III: The Breakthrough of the Welfare State after the Second World War

12. Some Aspects of Social Policy in Britain during the Second World War, José Harris

13. Bureaucracy and Innovation in British Welfare Policy 1870-1945, Roger Davidson and Rodney Lowe

14. The Social Policy of the Attlee Government, Jürgen C. Heß

15. German Post-War Social Policies Against the Background of the Beveridge Plan. Some Observations Preparatory to a Comparative Analysis, Hans Günther Hockerts

Part IV: Past and Future of the Welfare State in Social-Scientific Perspective

16. Solution or Source of Crises? The Welfare State in Historical Perspective, Peter Flora

17. Comments on Professor Peter Flora’s Analytical Perspective of the Welfare State, Gaston V. Rimlinger

18. The Future of the Welfare State, Frieder Naschold

19. The End of the Welfare State? Graham J. Room

20. From the National Welfare State to the International Welfare System, Karl W. Deutsch


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