1st Edition

The Encyclopedia of Confucianism 2-volume set

Edited By Xinzhong Yao
    976 Pages
    by Routledge

    976 Pages
    by Routledge

    The Encyclopedia, the first of its kind, introduces Confucianism as a whole, with 1,235 entries giving full information on its history, doctrines, schools, rituals, sacred places and terminology, and on the adaptation, transformation and new thinking taking place in China and other Eastern Asian countries. An indispensable source for further study and research for students and scholars.

    General Survey entries:
    Confucian Classics
    Confucian Education
    Confucian Iconography
    Confucian Politics
    Confucianism and Arts
    Confucianism and Literature
    Confucianism and Marxism
    Confucianism and Women

    Confucian Masters and Scholars:
    Dong Zhongshu
    Zhu Xi
    Kang Youwei
    Yi Hwang
    Itô Jinsai
    Tu Wei-ming

    Confucian Schools:
    Baijia (Hundred households)
    Cheng-Zhu xuepai (The School of the Cheng Brothers and Zhu Xi)
    Jinwen jingxue ('Modern script' classicism)
    International Association of Confucian Studies

    Confucian Terms and Concepts:
    Boshi (Erudites or Academicians)
    Daotong (Transmission of the Way)
    Four-Seven Debate (Sadan Ch'iljóng Non )
    Liujing zhuwo (The Six Classics are my footnotes)
    Shinju goichi/funi

    Confucian Sacred Places and Rituals:
    Sacrifice to Heaven
    Ancestral worship
    Temple of Confucius
    Rites of mourning and burial


    Xinzhong Yao

    'This set will be essential for academic libraries supporting programmes in religion or philosophy.' – Reference Reviews