1st Edition

The Engineering Geology and Hydrology of Karst Terrains

    Engineers from around the world recount in this volume their successes and failures in attempting to deal with unique and quixotic landscapes.

    Keynote paper- Land use and Carbonate Island Karst, 2 Karst on Young Carbonate Islands, Sink Occurences on Limestone Karst, Karst Hydrogeology, Karst on Evaporite Rocks, Groundwater Contamination in Karst Terrane, Developing and protetcing Water Supplies in Karst Aquiders, Sormwater drainage and floowing problem in Karst terrane, Geotechinal Investigations and engineering in Karst , Karst Studies for land-use planning, Investigating Karst with Geophysics, Government regulations for KarstAreas.


    Barry F. Beck (Edited by) , J. Gayle Herring (Edited by) , J. Brad Stephenson (Edited by)