1st Edition

The Engineering Science of Mineral Processing A Fundamental and Practical Approach

    546 Pages 38 Color & 346 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    546 Pages 38 Color & 346 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    The Engineering Science of Mineral Processing: A Fundamental and Practical Approach emphasizes the fundamentals of mineral processing to provide readers with a deep understanding of the science and phenomena that occur during the processing of ores. It also offers guidance on contemporary process implementation through practical industry applications. It includes examples of dynamic simulations and practical execution of advanced software to guide operating plans to ensure optimal conditions that predict process constraints.

    • Focuses on the science of mineral processing, including particulate systems, hydrodynamics, and physical chemistry
    • Discusses modeling, rheology, comminution, classification, flotation, and solid-liquid separation
    • Includes practical examples from real-world industrial applications
    • Provides information on dynamic process simulations and the application of digital twins in mineral processing plants to improve management and efficiency
    • Details the future of mineral processing in the digital era.

    Offering a balance between fundamentals and applications, this book will be of interest to researchers and industry professionals working to optimize mining, mineral and chemical processing plants. It will also be of value to advanced students taking mineral processing and chemical engineering courses.

    1. Introduction to Mineral Processing.  2. Modeling of Mineral Processing.  3. Hydrodynamics.  4. Particulate Systems.  5. Physical Chemistry of Interfaces.  6. Suspension Rheology.  7. Particulate Comminution.  8. Particle Size Classification.  9. Particle Flotation.  10. Solid-Liquid Separation.  11. Water in the Mining Industry.  12. The Future of Mineral Processing: Digital Transformation in Mining Plant Operations.  


    Fernando Concha A. was Professor Emeritus at the Water Research Center for Agriculture and Mining, CRHIAM Department of Metallurgical Engineering, University of Concepción, Chile.

    Osvaldo A. Bascur is Principal and Consultant Fellow at OSB digital, LLC. He received his PhD in Metallurgical Engineering from University of Utah. He is author of Digital Transformation in the Process Industries: A Road Map, published by CRC Press/Taylor & Francis.

    “I have worked closely with both the authors…of this book over the last five decades. I admire the thoroughness of both in the last book they have contributed to the field of Mineral Processing by wedding Fundamentals and Plant Applications into one volume. I am sure that both academics and practitioners will benefit from reading this volume and putting into practice its contents.”—John A. Herbst, Professor of Metallurgy and Materials Science; Fellow of SME