2nd Edition

The Engineering of Foundations, Slopes and Retaining Structures

By Rodrigo Salgado Copyright 2022
    994 Pages 550 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    994 Pages 550 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

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    The Engineering of Foundations, Slopes and Retaining Structures rigorously covers the construction, analysis, and design of shallow and deep foundations, as well as retaining structures and slopes. It includes complete coverage of soil mechanics and site investigations.

    This new edition is a well-designed balance of theory and practice, emphasizing conceptual understanding and design applications. It contains illustrations, applications, and hands-on examples that continue across chapters. Soil mechanics is examined with full explanation of drained versus undrained loading, friction and dilatancy as sources of shear strength, phase transformation, development of peak effective stress ratios, and critical-state and residual shear strength. The design and execution of site investigations is evaluated with complete discussion of the CPT and SPT. Additional topics include the construction, settlement and bearing capacity of shallow foundations, as well as the installation, ultimate resistance and settlement of deep foundations. Both traditional knowledge and methods and approaches based on recent progress are available. Analysis and design of retaining structures and slopes, such as the use of slope stability software stability calculations, is included.

    The book is ideal for advanced undergraduate students, graduate students and practicing engineers and researchers.

    1. The World of Foundation
    2. Foundation Design
    3. Soils, Rocks and Groundwater
    4. Stress Analysis, Strain Analysis and Shearing of Soils
    5. Shear Strength and Stiffness of Sands
    6. Consolidation, Shear Strength and Stiffness of Clays
    7. Site Exploration
    8. Shallow Foundations in Soils: Types of Shallow Foundations and Construction Techniques
    9. Shallow Foundation Settlement
    10. Shallow Foundations: Limit Bearing Capacity
    11. Shallow Foundation Design
    12. Types of Piles and Their Installation
    13. Analysis and Design of Single Piles
    14. Pile Driving Analysis and Quality Control of Piling Operations
    15. Pile Groups and Piled Rafts
    16. Retaining Structures
    17. Soil Slopes
    Appendix A. Unit Conversions
    Appendix B. Useful Relationships and Typical Values of Various Quantities
    Appendix C. Measurement of Hydraulic Conductivity in The Laboratory Using the Falling-Head Permeameter
    Appendix D. Determination of Pre-Consolidation Pressure, Compression and Recompression Indices and Coefficient of Consolidation from Consolidation Test Data
    Appendix E. Stress Rotation Analysis


    Rodrigo Salgado is the Pankow Professor in Civil Engineering at Purdue University, Editor in Chief of the ASCE Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering, and author of over 150 journal publications, 100 conference publications, and 40 reports. He has supervised 30 Ph.D. students and was the recipient of prestigious awards, including the Sloan Best Paper Award, the ICE Geotechnical Research Medal, the Prakash Research Award, the ASCE Huber Research Prize, the ASCE Arthur Casagrande Award, and the IACMAG Excellent Contributions Award.