1st Edition

The English Experience in France c.1450-1558 War, Diplomacy and Cultural Exchange

By David Grummitt Copyright 2002

    This title was first published in 2002: This collection of essays is based on papers delivered at a conference held at the Public Record Office in November 1999. The purpose of the book is to highlight the close links between England and France and the role of England and Englishmen in Renaissance Europe. It provides a statement of current research by the leading scholars in that field and should serve as a basis both for teaching and for further work. It is necessary to fill the gap that exists in the history of this period, which is currently concentrated in narrative, diplomatic history or general surveys of the role of England in Europe. This coherent set of essays, built around complementary themes, and with the addition of a historiographical and thematic introduction, focuses solely on England and France in the period after the end of the Hundred Years War and before the onset of French Wars of Religion.

    1: Introduction: war, diplomacy and cultural exchange, 1450-1558; 2: The Loss of Lancastrian Normandy: an administrative nightmare?; 3: 'One of the mooste pryncipall treasours belongyng to his Realme of Englande': Calais and the Crown, c. 1450-1558; 4: The Practice of English Diplomacy in France 1461-71; 5: The Myth of 1485: did France really put Henry Tudor on the throne?; 6: ‘To Traffic with War’? Henry VII and the French campaign of 1492; 7: ‘Une haquenée ... pour le porter bientost et plus doucement en enfer ou en paradis': the French and Mary Tudor's marriage to Louis XII in 1514; 8: Sir Nicholas Carew's Journey through France in 1529; 9: Courtesy and Conflict: the experience of English diplomatic personnel at the court of Francis I; 10: The Private Face of Anglo-French Relations in the Sixteenth Century: the Lisles and their French friends


    David Grummitt