1st Edition

The English Rural Poor, 1850-1914 Vol 2

By Mark Freeman Copyright 2006

    Drawing on the difficult-to-access pamphlets, reports, periodical literature and political tracts, this five-volume set reproduces in facsimile a large number of neglected sources relating to rural life in the latter half of the nineteenth century. It is of interest to scholars in nineteenth-century studies and to all social historians.

    Volume 2: The 'Revolt of the Field' Baldwyn Leighton, William Morris and E L O'Malley, 'How May the Condition of the Agricultural Labourer be Improved?' (1872); The Strike in the Agricultural Districts: The Life and Experiences of a Warwickshire Labourer, with His Own Thoughts and Opinions on the Strike, as Told by Himself (1872); Rev. W H Ridley, The Agricultural Labourers' Union (1872); A Farmer's Son, The Agricultural Labourer (1873); S Reynolds Hole, The Cry of the Labourer against Landlord, Farmer and Priest: A Sermon (1873); George Mitchell, The Skeleton at the Plough, (1874) (contains the constitution and rules of the National Agricultural Labourers' Union); Edward Richardson, The NALU Melody Book: Original Hymns and Songs (1874); Howard Evans, Songs for Singing at Agricultural Labourers' Meetings (1875); The Farm Labourers' Catechism, Prepared for the Special Use of those Agricultural Labourers Who Are Not in the Union (1875)