The Epic of the Kings (RLE Iran B) : Shah-Nama the national epic of Persia book cover
1st Edition

The Epic of the Kings (RLE Iran B)
Shah-Nama the national epic of Persia

ISBN 9780415608527
Published April 7, 2011 by Routledge
454 Pages

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Book Description

‘Among the many national poets of historical Persia, Ferdowsi is perhaps the greatest...In this superb translation of the epic, the Western reader would not fail to discern clear equivalents of chapters in Genesis, The Odyssey, Paradise Lost or the Canterbury Tales.’ Islamic Review
The Shah-nama is the national epic poem of Persia. Written in the tenth century it contains the country’s myths, legends and historic reminiscences. This edition makes available a valuable prose translation selecting the most representative parts of the original including the stories of Rustum, the giant hero and his son Sohrab.

Table of Contents

Prologue.  Translator’s Note.  The Poet’s Introduction.  1. The Reign of Keyumars  2. The Reign of Hūshang  3. The Reign of Jamshīd  4. Farīdūn  5. Zāl  6. Rostam  7. Siyāvosh  8. Key Khosrow  9. Rostam and Akvān the Div  10. The Adventure of Bizhan and Manizha  11. The Latter Days of Key Khosrow  12. Lohrāsp and Goshtāsp 13. Goshtāsp and Zardosht  14. Esfandiyār and Rostam  15. Goshtāsp Surrenders The Kingship to Bahman  16. The Story of Bahman Son of Esfandiyār  17. The Story of Dārāb  18. The Reign of Dārā son of Dārāb  19. The History of Sekandar  20. The Adventures of Sakandar  21. Rule of the Ashkāni (Ascacid or Parthian Kings)  22. The Dynasty of Sāsān  23. The Story of Haftvād and the Worm  24. The Reign of Ardashir  25. The Reign of Shāpur, son of Ardashir. 26. His War with the Romans  27. The Reign of Shāpur Zu’l Aktāf  28. Yazdegerd The Sinner  29. The Famine in the Reign of Piruz  30. The Reign of Kasrā Nushirvān  31. Bozorgmehr the Wise Vazir  32. The Reign of Hormazd  33. Khosrow Parvis Comes to the Throne  34. The Reign of Bahrām Chubina  35. Ferdowsi’s Lament for the Death of his Son  36. Bahrām Chubina in China  37. The Story of Gordiya, Sister of Bahrām  38. The Romance of Khosrow Parviz and Shirin  39. Shiruy and Shirin, Wife of Khosrow Parviz  40. The Reign of Ardashir Son of Shiruy  41. The Reign of Gorāz Known as Farāyin  42. The Reign of Purān Dokht  43. The Reign of Farrokh-Zād  44. The Reign of Yazdegerd  45. Māhuy Ascends the Throne  46. The Conclusion of the Shāh-Namā

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