1st Edition

The Ethics of Migration An Introduction

By Adam Hosein Copyright 2019
    214 Pages
    by Routledge

    214 Pages
    by Routledge

    In The Ethics of Migration: An Introduction, Adam Hosein systematically and comprehensively examines the ethical issues surrounding the concept of immigration. The book addresses important questions, such as:

    • Can states claim a right to control their borders and, if so, to what extent?
    • Is detention ever a justifiable means of border enforcement?
    • Which criteria may states use to determine who should be admitted into their territory and how do these criteria interact with existing hierarchies of race and gender?
    • Who should be considered a refugee?
    • Which rights are migrants who are present in a territory entitled to?
    • Is there an acceptable way to design a temporary worker program?
    • When, if ever, are amnesties for unauthorized migrants appropriate?

    Featuring case studies throughout, this textbook provides a philosophical introduction to an incredibly topical issue studied by students within the fields of political philosophy, applied ethics, global studies, politics, law, sociology, and public policy.



    Part 1: The Regulation of Borders

    1. Arguments for Opening Borders

    2. Arguments for Border Controls

    3. Enforcement

    Part 2: Selection Procedures

    4. Selection for Admission

    5. Refugees

    Part 3: The Rights of Migrants

    6. General Theories of Immigrant Rights

    7. Temporary Workers

    8. Undocumented Migrants.



    Adam Hosein is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Northeastern University, USA.

    "Adam Hosein has written a wonderfully even-handed guide to the ethics of immigration. Accessible and engaging, this book is as close to an ideal introduction for students (and politicians) as I can imagine." - David Owen, University of Southampton, UK

    "A must read for anyone interested in learning about the ethics of migration. It is masterfully laid out and provides the most comprehensive survey of literature. I only wish that something like this had existed when I first began writing on the topic. The next generation of moral and political theorists working on migration owe Hosein a great debt of gratitude." - José Jorge Mendoza author of The Moral and Political Philosophy of Immigration: Liberty, Security, and Equality

    "With remarkable clarity, Hosein provides a thorough overview of the classic and cutting-edge moral and political arguments on borders and migration. Timely, accessible, and practically engaged, this book is a superb introduction to the philosophical debates on migration policy." - Shelley Wilcox, San Francisco State University, USA

    "This is the best introduction available on the morality of migration, and is recommended to anyone wishing to understand this increasingly important topic. Encyclopedic, comprehensible and fair-minded, it is a clear demonstration that one can discuss migration with clarity and grace." - Michael Blake, University of Washington, USA

    "A terrific book. Clear, accessible and wide-ranging, it is an ideal choice for introducing students to the ethical issues raised by migration. Graduate students and scholars working on migration should also read it because Hosein advances a number of original and insightful arguments while providing a comprehensive and fair overview of the scholarly literature. It deserves a wide audience." - Joseph H. Carens, University of Toronto, Canada