1st Edition

The Ethics of Sports A Reader

Edited By Mike McNamee Copyright 2010
    520 Pages
    by Routledge

    520 Pages
    by Routledge

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    There are few, if any, aspects of contemporary sport that do not raise ethical questions. From on-field relationships between athletes, coaches and officials, to the corporate responsibility of international sports organizations and businesses, ethical considerations permeate sport at every level.

    This important new collection of articles showcases the very best international scholarship in the field of sports ethics, and offers a comprehensive, one-stop resource for any student, scholar or sportsperson with an interest in this important area. It addresses cutting-edge contemporary themes within sports ethics, such as gene doping, as well as introducing classic ethical debates that define our understanding of sport, sporting conduct and sport in practice. The Ethics of Sports is arranged into seven thematic sections, each of which includes an introduction by the editor that highlights the key themes and places each article in context, and offers suggestions for further reading.

    The Ethics of Sports sheds new light on a wide range of issues within contemporary sports studies including doping, disability, gender and ethnicity; the practice of physical education and sports coaching; sports media; sports business and sports medicine. It is essential reading for all students with an interest in sport or applied ethics.

    Part 1: The Roots of Sports Ethics: Games, Play, Sports 1. Construction of a Definition Bernard Suits 2. Nature and Significance of Play as a Cultural Phenomenon Johan Huizinga 3. The Game Game Mary Midgley 4. Introduction to the Appendices Bernard Suits 5. Games and the Good: I Thomas Hurka 6. Games and the Good: II John Tasioulas 7. Sport: An Historical Phenomenology Anthony Skillen Part 2: Fair Contests: Rules, Spoiling and Cheating 8. From Test to Contest: An Analysis of Two Kinds of Counterpoint in Sport R. Scott Kretchmar 9. The Ends of the Sports Contest Warren P. Fraleigh 10. Fairness in Sport: An Ideal and its Consequences Sigmund Loland 11. It's Not Cricket: Underarm Bowling, Legality and the Meaning of Life David Fraser 12. The "Hand of God"? Claudio Tamburrini 13. Spoiling: An Indirect Reflection of Sport's Moral Imperative? Graham McFee Part 3: Doping, Genetic Modification and the Ethics of Enhancement 14. The Athlete's View Point Verner Moller 15. Why Not Dope? It's Still All About the Health Andy Miah 16. Doping Under Medical Control: Conceptually Possible but Impossible Soren Holm 17. Ethical Aspects of Controlling Genetic Doping Christian Munthe 18. Bionic Athletes Michael J. Sandel 19. Whose Prometheus? Transhumanism. Biotechnology and the Moral Topography of Sports Medicine Mike McNamee Part 4: Cultures of Equality and Difference: Dis/ability, Gender and Race 20. Disability or Extraordinary Talent: Francesco Lentini (three legs) Verses Oscar Pistorius (no legs) Ivo Van Hilvoorde and Laurens Landeweerd 21. Tackling Murderball: Masculinity, Disabilty and the Big Screen Michael Gard and Hayley Fitzgerald 22. Against Sexual Discrimination in Sports Torbjorn Tannsjo 23. On the Definition of ‘Woman’ in the Open Sport Context Angela J. Schneider 24. I'd Rather Wear a Turban than a Rose: A Case Study of the Ethics of Chanting Carwyn Jones and Scott Fleming 25. Racism, Racist Acts and Courageous Role Models Mike McNamee Part 5: Ethical Development In and Through Sports: Rules, Virtues and Vices 26. What Moral Significance Has Physical Education? A Question in Need of Disambiguation David Carr 27. Sport, Ethos and Education Jim Parry 28. Schadenfreude in Sports: Envy, Justice and Self-Esteem Mike McNamee 29. Athletic Virtue: Between East and West Heather L. Reid 30. The Project of a Moral Laboratory and Particularism Graham McFee Part 6: Commercialism, Corruption and Exploitation in Sports 31. The Degredation of Sport Christopher Lasch 32. The Moral Case Against Contemporary American Sports William Morgan 33. Moral philosophy Out on the Track: What Might be Done? Adrian Walsh and Richard Guilianotti 34. Sport and the Systematic Infliction of Pain: A Case Study of State-Sponsered Mandatory Doping in East Germany Giselher Spitzer 35. Sharp Practice: Intensive Training and Child Abuse Paolo David Part 7: Ethics and Adventurous Activity 36. The Value of Dangerous Sport J. S. Russell 37. Adventure, Climbing Excellence and the Practice of 'Bolting' Philip Ebert and Simon Robertson 38. Kant Goes Skydiving: Understanding the Extreme by Way of the Sublime Jesus Ilundain-Agurruza 39. Can BASEjumping be Morally Defended? Gunnar Breivik 40. Sacred Places Raimond Gaita


    Mike McNamee

    'An engaging, comprehensive and analytically acute collection of essays on a wide variety of topics dealing with ethical issues in sports. The Ethics of Sports is a welcome addition to the resources available to scholars and students of sports ethics and ranks among the very best such collections now available in this field.'Robert L. Simon, Sport, Ethics and Philosophy

    'The Ethics of Sports helps to clarify the enormous ethical responsibilities that sport leaders have on influencing the development of either positive or negative thought processes among their athletes ... By using examples dating back to ancient Rome, The Ethics of Sports illuminates the profound social and interpersonal influences that sport has on the development of personality traits, morals, and societal ethos. For readers, it will help differentiate the fine line between the passion and poison of sport. For university sport psychology and related curricula, this text will be a highly valuable resource to help advance ethical and scholarly thought in the field.'Conrad Woolsey, PsycCRITIQUES

    'A well composed collection of interesting and useful texts ... anyone who is interested in sports and who see themselves as educated people should have read at least some of what's in this book' – Ørnulf Seippel, idrottsforum.org