1st Edition

The Europa Regional Surveys of the World 2019 9-Volume Set

    9300 Pages
    by Routledge

    The Europa Regional Surveys of the World Set 2019 is a timely and authoritative reference source, vast in its scope. The set consists of nine volumes, covering all the world regions, from South Asia to North America. These can be purchased individually or together.

    Each volume provides a vast range of background material, statistics, directory information and expert analysis of the social, political and economic situation for each of the individual countries within that region. Whether you want to source authoritative data on copper output in Chile, or gather information on the recent uprisings in North Africa and the Middle East, the Regional Surveys can be your first port of call. Users will also find useful directory information, including email and telephone numbers, for key contacts in government, finance, tourism, etc.

    Titles in the series: Africa South of the Sahara; Central and South-Eastern Europe; Eastern Europe, Russia and Central Asia; The Far East and Australasia; The Middle East and North Africa; South America, Central America and the Caribbean; South Asia; The USA and Canada; and Western Europe.

    Volume 1: Central and South Eastern Europe 2017 Volume 2: South America, Central America and the Caribbean 2017 Volume 3: South Asia 2017 Volume 4: The Middle East and North Africa 2017 Volume 5: Africa South of the Sahara 2017 Volume 7: Western Europe 2017 Volume 7: The Far East and Australasia 2017 Volume 8: Eastern Europe, Russia and Central Asia 2017 Volume 9: The USA and Canada 2017


    Europa publications have long been regarded as premier reference resources, providing authoritative political and economic data for every country and region of the world, biographical profiles of the most influential global figures in every field, including politics, science, business, academia, the arts and the media, and unrivalled access to information on universities, libraries and other academic institutions world-wide.

    Available in print and online, Europa's principal titles, The Europa World Year Book, The Europa Regional Surveys of the World, The International Who's Who and The Europa World of Learning, serve the contemporary research needs of students, academics and information-seekers in specialist and general reference libraries, government offices and commercial institutions in every country.

    Central and South Eastern Europe

    'This is an impressive reference work providing and impartial and invaluable guide to the politics, economy and history of the region.' - European Access Plus

    South Asia

    'This volume provides an excellent overview of the social and economic challenges faced by the region.' - Reference Reviews

    South America, Central America and the Caribbean

    'A valuable treasure.' - International Social Science Review

    Middle East and North Africa

    'If one had to choose a single book for understanding the contemporary Middle East, then surely this must be that book.' - The Middle East

    'There is simply nothing else on the market that provides as much material on each of the countries of the Middle East and North Africa in one volume.' - Royal United Services Institute for Defence Studies

    'Probably the best one-volume reference book in English on the Middle East and North Africa.' - International Affairs

    'We have praised successive issues of this work so regularly that is becomes difficult to think up new eulogies, deserved though they are.' - World Affairs Report

    'It is an excellent source of reference ... strongly recommended for scholars, government officials and businessmen.' - Middle East Business Review

    'You could enquire within for pretty well anything relating to the region and get an answer.' - Times Literary Supplement

    Africa South of the Sahara

    'This is the most comprehensive and up-to-date guide to African countries and organizations.' - International Affairs

    'The best thing of its kind on the market.' - West Africa

    'A well-balanced, well-judged and remarkably comprehensive volume.' - Times Literary Supplement

    'A Welcome addition to any library shelf.' - Africa Events

    Western Europe

    'Excellent, authoritative, valuable.' - Reference Review

    'Prepared with the meticulous attention to detail which characterizes the Europa series of reference books.' - Reference and Research Book News

    ' ... recommended for library purchase.' - Irish Political Studies

    The Far East and Australasia

    ' ... an indispensable reference work.' - World Affairs Report

    Eastern Europe, Russia and Central Asia

    'An important new guide to the region.' - Reference Reviews

    USA and Canada

    'A truly valuable and impressive work.' - International Journal on World Peace