1st Edition

The European Union: Integration and Enlargement

Edited By R. Daniel Kelemen, Anand Menon, Jonathan Slapin Copyright 2015
    164 Pages
    by Routledge

    164 Pages
    by Routledge

    This book explores one of the central challenges facing the EU today – how to reconcile enlargement with the pursuit of a stronger and more effective European Union. While the relationship between widening and deepening has been recognized for years as one of the big questions in the field of European integration, existing theoretical and empirical analyses of this relationship suffer from a variety of shortcomings. This book brings together a group of EU scholars who significantly advance our understanding of the relationship between widening and deepening. The contributors challenge a variety of ‘common wisdoms’ concerning the relationship between widening and deepening and offer nuanced theoretical and empirical analysis of the relationship between these two vital dimensions of European integration. Collectively, the contributors to this volume offer the most comprehensive picture available to date of the multi-faceted relationship between widening and deepening.

    This book was published as a special issue of the Journal of European Public Policy.

    1. The European Union: Wider and Deeper? R. Daniel Kelemen, Rutgers University, Anand Menon, King’s College London, Jonathan Slapin University of Houston

    2. Wider and Deeper? Enlargement and Integration in the European Union. R. Daniel Kelemen, Rutgers University, Anand Menon, King’s College London, Jonathan Slapin University of Houston

    3. Enlargement and Differentiated Integration in the European Union, Frank Schimmelfennig, ETH Zurich

    4. Ever Closer or ever wider? Public attitudes towards further enlargement and integration in the European Union, Sara Hobolt, London School of Economics

    5. Domestic Politics and the "Widening-Deepening" trade-off in the European Union, Christina Schneider, University of California, San Diego

    6. Who Measures Up? Human Rights in an Enlarging European Union. Lisa Conant, University of Denver

    7. Depth and Width in Regional Economic Organizations, Julia Gray, University of Pennsylvania and Jonathan Slapin, University of Houston

    8. Why Widening Makes Deepening: Unintended Policy Extension through Polity Expansion, Eva Heidbreder, Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf.

    9. Enlargement and the anticipatory deepening of European integration, A. Maurits van der Veen, College of William and Mary

    10. Necessary deepening? How political groups in the European Parliament adapt to enlargement, Edoardo Bressanelli, King’s College London.


    R. Daniel Kelemen is Professor of Political Science, Rutgers University.

    Anand Menon is Professor of European Politics and Foreign Affairs, King’s College London.

    Jonathan B. Slapin is Associate Professor of Political Science, University of Houston.