1st Edition

The Ever Changing Organization Creating the Capacity for Continuous Change, Learning, and Improvement

By Gerald R Pieters, Doyle W Young Copyright 2000

    If you are: overwhelmed by the amount of change and the difficulty in making it happen, finding failure - or limited success - with the implementation of changes, disappointed in the growth or financial performance of your organization, and are looking for a strategy for improving your organization's capacity for planned and proactive change, this book is for you.
    The world is continuing to change at a rapid pace, while most organizations are focused on maintaining stability and certainty. The price of this growing gap is the diversion of limited resources to reactive, fire-fighting behaviors and the inability to lead and be proactive. Allowing the gap to continue to grow is the formula for failure, this book gives you the formula for success.
    In The EverChanging Organization, the authors present a model of the EverChanging Organization(ECO). This is a systems model for understanding an organization's needed capacity for change in a range of change orientations from change averse to change seeking. The book includes diagnostic scales, tools for assessing need and status as an ECO, and a process for selecting and implementing change initiatives to achieve the needed capacity for change in timely and cost effective ways.

    Introduction: The EverChanging Organization (ECO)
    Organizational Environments and the Forces for Change - What's Needed?
    Building a Stabilizing Base - Guiding the Organization in Turbulent Times
    Managing FOR Change - Becoming Proactive and Making Change Easy
    Continuous Improvement - Always Possible and Everyone's Role
    Continuous Learning - Required for Organizational and Individual Growth
    Implementation - Steps Towards Becoming an EverChanging Organization


    Pieters, Gerald R

    "Weiss and Hartle succeed where many authors have failed: drawing the connection between individual motivation and organizational performance. Along the way, they provide clues about how to survive in this time of reorganization, renewal and culture change."
    -Tom Downs, Executive Vice President, Operations and Services, QVC Network, Inc.