1st Edition

The Evidence for Voluntary Action (Works of William H. Beveridge)

Edited By William H. Beveridge, A. F. Wells Copyright 1949
    344 Pages
    by Routledge

    334 Pages
    by Routledge

    This supplementary volume to Beveridge’s important work Voluntary Action sets out some of the important material on which the Report is based, and amplifies it by giving views and statements of fact submitted by many experts in the fields covered by his Inquiry.

    Part 1: Mass Observation Reports 1. The Friendly Societies 2. Mutual Aid and the Pub 3. Voluntary Services 4. Aspects of Charity 5. Holidays Part 2: Research Services’ Report Part 3: Memoranda on Finance of Voluntary Action i) Government Grants to Voluntary Agencies ii) Notes on Taxation of Voluntary Agencies Part 4: Memoranda By Organisations 1. Registry of Friendly Societies 3. Building Societies Assocation 4. National Federation of Housing Societies 5. British Association of Residential Settlements Annex: Notes on Certain of the Settlements 6. National Federation of Women’s Institutes 7. Women’s Voluntary Services 8. British Red Cross Society 9. St. John Ambulance Brigade 10. National Old People’s Welfare Committee 11. Nuffield Foundation: The Needs of Old People 12. National Institute for the Blind 13. Central Council for the Care of Cripples 14. Nuffield Foundation: Provident Associations 15. Liberal Party Organisation Part 5: Memoranda By Individuals on Special Topics 1. Early Friendly Societies Lord Beveridge 2. Unitary Friendly Societies Lord Beveridge 3. Note on Cinema Attendances Lord Beveridge 4. Wireless Appeals for the Week’s Good Cause Lord Beveridge 5. Youth Joan S. Clarke with Note on the Tynemouth Youth Survey A. F. Wells 7. The National Council of Social Service Joan S. Clarke 8. The Future of Voluntary Social Work Roger Wilson 9. Problems of Friendly Societies John A. Lincoln Part 6: Social Service Agencies Part 7: Select Bibliography


    William H. Beveridge, A. F. Wells

    ‘With his accustomed grasp of a wide subject, with notable lucidity, Beveridge sets out the needs that remain in the social security State…’ Evening Standard