1st Edition

The Evolution Of Psychotherapy: The Second Conference

Edited By Jeffrey K. Zeig Copyright 1992
    353 Pages
    by Routledge

    352 Pages
    by Routledge

    Contains the highlights of a conference that brought together the foremost theoreticians and clinicians of virtually every type of psychotherapy. The text includes the presentations, discussions, and debates of 23 seminal leaders.

    I: Family Therapists; 1: The Restoried History of Family Therapy; I: Discussion by Mara Selvini Palazzoli m.d.; 2: Symbolic Experiential Family Therapy; I: Discussion by Paul Watzlawick, ph.d.; 3: Zen and the Art of Therapy; I: Discussion by William Glasser, m.d.; 4: Stories of Psychotherapy; I: Discussion by Mary McClure Goulding m.s.w.; 5: The Construction of Clinical “Realities”; I: Discussion by Cloé Madanes; 6: Identifying the Various Recurring Processes in the Family That Lead to Schizophrenia in an Offspring; I: Discussion by Donald Meichmbaum, ph.d.; II: Cognitive-Behavioral Approaches; 7: The Revised ABCs of Rational-Emotive Therapy (RET); II: Discussion by Salvador Minuchin, m.d.; 8: Clinical/Therapeutic Effectiveness; II: Discussion by Jay Haley, m.a.; 9: Evolution of Cognitive Behavior Therapy; II: Discussion by Albert Ellis, ph.d.; 10: Toward Better Results in the Treatment of Depression; II: Discussion by Thomas Szasz, m.d.; III: Humanistic Approaches; 11: The Self in Action; III: Discussion by Ernest L. Rossi, ph.d.; 12: The Betrayal of the Human; III: Discussion by Erving Polster, ph.d.; IV: Psychoanalytic Therapies; 13: The Vital Therapeutic Alliance with Borderline and Narcissistic Patients; IV: Discussion by Helen Singer Kaplan, m.d., ph.d.; 14: The Essence of Dynamic Psychotherapy; IV: Discussion by Arnold A. Lazarus, ph.d.; V: Body Approaches; 15: Bioenergetlc Analysis; V: Discussion by Miriam Bolster, ph.d.; 16: The Wave Nature of Consciousness; V: Discussion by Carl Whitaker, m.d.; VI: Contemporary Approaches; 17: Short-Term Redecislon Therapy in the Treatment of Clients Who Suffered Childhood Abuse; VI: Discussion by Judd Marmor; m.d., ph.d.; 18: The Virtues of Our Faults; VI: Discussion by James F. Masterson, m.d.; 19: Reality Therapy; VI: Discussion by Jeffrey K. Zeig, ph.d.; VII: Social Issues; 20: Eve's Daughters; VII: Discussion by James F. T. Bugental, ph.d.; 21: The United States v. Drugs; VII: Discussion hy Rollo May, ph.d.; 22: One Hundred Years of Solitude, or Can the Soul Ever Get Out of Analysis?; VII: Discussion by Alexander Lowen, m.d.; VIII: Benediction; 23: In the Days of the Giants—The Steps in Therapy to the Present Day; VIII: Discussion by: James Hillman, ph.d.


    Jeffrey K. Zeig