1st Edition

The Evolution of Modern Land Warfare Theory and Practice

By Christopher Bellamy Copyright 1990
    334 Pages
    by Routledge

    342 Pages
    by Routledge

    Extensively illustrated with 52 detailed campaign and battle maps and diagrams, this book, originally published in 1990, surveys the evolution of warfare in Europe from Napoleon to the end of the twentieth century and in Asia from the Middle Ages. It considers the interaction of technology and warfare. With wide-ranging examples, the book includes two in depth case studies, one on the Soviet Operational Manoeuvre Group and its predecessors in the Russian Imperial Army, the other on the history of land warfare, including guerilla warfare, in Asia. In this book the author demonstrates that military history can be of immense practical help to the modern military analyst and professional. Now updated with a new introduction to take into account changes since 1990, this book remains of essential value to students, teachers & professionals in political & social history, international relations, defence, war & peace studies.

    1. Vietnam: The Background to War 2. The First Indochina Conflict and the United States’ Drift to War 3. Lyndon B. Johnson and the Tragedy of Vietnam 4. Negotiations 1964-73 5. The War at Home 6. Politics, Economics and Religion: A Revolution in Vietnamese Society 7. People’s Revolutionary War 8. America’s War: The Strategy and Tactics of the United States’ Military in Vietnam 9. Pacification and the Attempt to Build a Viable South Vietnamese State 10. The War in Five Capitals – The International Context of the Vietnam War 11. The End of the War and Its Aftermath


    Christopher Bellamy