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1st Edition

The Excluded Past Archaeology in Education

Edited By Robert MacKenzie, Peter Stone Copyright 1990
    ISBN 9780415105453
    352 Pages
    Published March 28, 1995 by Routledge

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    ISBN 9780044450191
    348 Pages
    Published February 15, 1990 by Routledge

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    A ground-breaking book that examines the uneasy relationship between archaeology and education. Argues that archaeologists have a vital role to play in education alongside other interpreters of the past. Contributors from different countries and disciplines show how the exclusion of aspects of the past tends to impoverish and distort social and educational experience.

    Introduction: the concept of the excluded past 1. The study of our universal cultural heritage through the Unesco Associated Schools Project 2. Archaeology in Indian universities 3. Archaeology in Nigerian education 4. Archaeology and education in Kenya 5. Education and the political manipulation of history in Venezuela 6. The right to a past: Namibian history and the struggle for national liberation 7. Still civilizing? Aborigines in Australian education 8. The affirmation of indigenous values in a colonial education system 9. The missing past in South African history 10. The teaching of the past of the Native peoples of North America in US schools 11. Whispers from the forest: the excluded past of the Aché Indians of Paraguay 12. the earth is our history book: archaeology in Nozambique 13. Culture houses in Papua New Guinea 14. The reconstruction of African history through historical, ethnographic and oral sources 15. The excluded present: archaeology and education in Argentina 16 Archaeology in the Alberta curriclum: an overview 17. `In fourteen hundred and ninety-two, Colombus sailed...': the primacy of the national myth in UA school 18. Education and archaeology in Japan 19. The Black historical past in British education 20. Popularizing archaeology among schoolchildren in the USSR 21. Children and the past in Poland: archaeology and prehistoryin primary schools and museums 22. Rediscovering Rome's hidden past 23. New Archaeology, New History - when will they meet? Archaology in English secondary schools 24. `Well, in the Neolithic...': teaching about the past in English primary schools 25. Archaeology in the Toronto school system: the Archaeological Resource Centre
    `The book explores from an educational angle numerous and often profound aspects of the past in the late twentieth century... A cohesive, landmark book of permanent value yet with enormous potential for influencing the 1990s' - The PPS

    `will offer challenging ideas for students and adults who have an interest in how perceptions of the past are shaped in contemporary society' - Teaching History

    `No teacher of history should embark upon their programme of work without reference to this book. It demonstrates that there are vast areas of study of the past that are mostly ignored in school history and that this omission is worldwide' - Jean Pilgrim, Remnants

    `A rich and valuable book' - Archaeology and Education

    `The 25 papers in the volume break new ground in this field' - British Archaeological News

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