The Executive Guide to Implementing Quality Systems  book cover
1st Edition

The Executive Guide to Implementing Quality Systems

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ISBN 9781884015533
Published August 1, 1995 by CRC Press
230 Pages

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Book Description

Presenting an unusual and unique system for Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI), this new book is geared for executives who want or need to support quality improvement in their organizations. It is the contributions made by CEO's and upper management that moves the quality process forward, and because of this structure, The Executive Guide to Implementing Quality focuses on the concepts, thinking, and systems necessary for management to operationalize the CQI philosophy.
Because quality is not a management problem but rather a problem that involves and requires all people working together at all levels to participate and cooperate, management must engage the organization in the processes that will improve the quality of their goods or services. It is, however, management's job to lead, organize, structure, motivate, and involve the organization in those strategies and systems that will ensure quality improvement. This book explains how to do that.
Readers are given a series of exercises and explanations that will help them master the skills and understanding required to identify the management systems they need to support their quality improvement. After reading about a concept, they are asked to contribute to exercises designed to inspire creative and innovative thinking and the exploration of multi-functional options. And because it is the job of management to initiate the quality movement, this book shows how to change defensive thoughts like "that won't work for me" into "what is there that will work here."
In addition to showing management how to take the lead in installing CQI in their organization, it also shows how to install the concepts through leadership teams, how to bring out the best in people, how to get top performance from employees and become a world-class organization, and how to reinforce the behaviors necessary to achieve the visions and goals of the organization. This workbook is an easy-and-quick-to-use guide that shows how to identify the support systems that generate desirable outcomes and reinforces them through positive actions.

Table of Contents

Leadership and Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI)
Introduction to Leadership
Exercise 1: Profile of a Leader
Exercise 2: CEO's Role
Exercise 3: Facilitator's Role
Creating a Sense of Urgency
Exercise 4: Creating a Sense of Urgency
Establishing Direction
Exercise 5: AT&T's Vision
Exercise 6: The Reporter
Exercise 7: The Pesky Reporter
Supporting Strategies and Guiding Principles
Exercise 8: Developing Objectives and Strategies
Overview of Successful Quality Councils
Standardized Inputs
Exercise 9: It's a Good Idea, Just Do It
Roles of a Successful Quality Council
Personal Commitment
Exercise 10: Strategies for Personal Commitment
Sponsoring Teams and Providing Resources
Exercise 11: Strategies for Sponsoring Teams and Providing Resources
Exercise 12: Coaching and Communicating
Exercise 13: Quality Indicators
Exercise 14: Tackling Quality Problems
Personal Quality Checklist
Exercise 15: Your Own Quality Improvement Checklist
Recognition and Rewards
Exercise 16: Developing a Recognition and Rewards Program
Reporting and Evaluating Quality Results
Exercise 17: Reporting Key Quality Factors
Performance Evaluations: Overview
Exercise 18: Task-based Performance Evaluations
Exercise 19: Employee Performance Evaluations
Factors in Executive Performance
Exercise 20: Executive Performance Evaluations
Empowerment, Engagement, and Encouragement
Exercise 21: Building an Empowerment Strategy
Exercise 22: Empowerment Application
Exercise 23: It Wasn't My Fault, Officer
Understanding the Consumer
Internal and External Customers
Exercise 24: Involving Support Departments
Implementing a Consumer-Focused Measuring System
Survey Development
Exercise 25: Creating Your Measurement System Strategy
Exercise 26: Your Perception of Quality
Exercise 27: Measuring Perceptions
Defining Consumer Quality
A Model for Improving Quality
Exercise 28; Defining Consumer Quality
Improving Services
Types of Service Gaps
Service Improvement Ideas
Exercise 29: Developing CQI for Service Departments
Exercise 30: Closing Service Gaps
Exercise 31: No, That's Not True
Exercise 32: The Dreamer
Quality Systems: ISO and Baldrige
Using the Baldrige Criteria
Exercise 33: The Baldrige Consultant
Exercise 34: Can We Use Any of the Baldrige Criteria?
What Are the ISO Standards?
ISO Registration
Who Does What In ISO?
Do We Need ISO?

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