1st Edition

The Export of Capital from Britain (RLE Banking & Finance) 1870-1914

Edited By A Hall Copyright 1968
    220 Pages
    by Routledge

    202 Pages
    by Routledge

    During the years before 1914 the world’s still largely unused resources were brought increasingly within the framework of a single world economy. This process owed much to Britain’s ability to export capital on a scale which has never since been equalled. Yet periods of heavy investment overseas alternated with home investment booms that absorbed the greater part of Britain’s savings. The reasons for this fluctuation, and the mechanism which linked Britain’s economic development with the rest of the world, are still subject to debate. This volume illuminates the problems of the global economy today by examining different interpretations and research from history.

    Preface. Acknowledgements. Editor’s Introduction. 1. The Pattern of New British Porfolio Foreign Investment, 1865-1914 Matthew Simon. 2. Migration and International Investment. Brinley Thomas. 3. The Long Swing: Comparisons and Interactions Between British and American Balance of Payments, 1820-1913. Jeffrey G Williamson. 4. Overseas Lending and Internal Fluctuations, 1870-1914. A G Ford. 5. Fluctuations in House-Building in Britain and the United States in the Nineteenth Century. H J Habakkuk. 6. Capital Imports and the Composition of Investment in a Borrowing Country. A R Hall. 7. Investment in Canada, 1900-13 A K Cairncross. Bibliography.


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