1st Edition

The Face of the Deep A Theology of Becoming

By Catherine Keller Copyright 2003
    328 Pages
    by Routledge

    328 Pages
    by Routledge

    This is a groundbreaking, highly original work of postmodern feminist theology from one of the most important authors in the field. The Face of the Deep deconstructs the Christian doctrine of creation which claims that a transcendent Lord unilaterally created the universe out of nothing. Catherine Keller's impassioned, graceful meditation develops an alternative representation of the cosmic creative process, drawing upon Hebrew myths of creation, from chaos, and engaging with the political and the mystical, the literary and the scientific, the sexual and the racial.
    As a landmark work of immense significance for Jewish and Christian theology, gender studies, literature, philosophy and ecology, The Face of the Deep takes our originary story to a new horizon, rewriting the starting point for Western spiritual discourse.

    Preface. Part One - The Question of Creation 1. Mystery of the Missing Chaos 2. 'Floods of Truth': Sex, Love and Loathing of the Deep. Part Two - Orthodoxies of Nothing 3.'The Tears of Achamoth': Fathers Ex Nihilo 4. 'Mother Most Dear': Augustine's Dark Secrets 5. 'The Sterile Waters'; Barth's Nothingness that is. Part Three - Monsters of Hermeneutics 6. The Sea of Heteroglossia: The Return of the Biblical Chaos 7. 'Recesses of the Deep' Job's Comi-cosmic Epiphany 8. Leviathanic Revelations': Melville's Hermenautical Journey. Part Four - Creatio Ex Profundis 9.Bottomless Surface: When In Beginning 10. The Pluri-Singularity of Creation created God 11. Strange Attractions: formless And Void 12. Docta Ignorantia: Darkness on the Face 13. Ocean of Divinity: deep 14. Pneumatic Foam: Spirit Vibrating _


    Catherine Keller

    'Keller offers a challenging contribution to a wide range of contemporary thinkers and concerns ... this book succeeds in articulating a spirited return for the becoming of theology.' - Reviews in Religion and Theology

    'Face of the deep is a tour de force. Written in her own inimitable style ... Keller's profound meditations lure the reader toward a creative transformation of self and society.' - Review of Biblical Literature Newsletter