This book reveals the secrets of the art of facilitation and shows how to use it to initiate group empowerment. Developing facilitation skills means first fully understanding the facilitator role: that of a guide helping a group or individual towards a conclusion, without steering the decision. To become an effective group facilitator you need to understand the principles of self-facilitation and the facilitation of individuals, as well as that of a group. The authors, all experienced facilitators, begin by fully explaining the skills required and the benefits to be derived. The Toolkit which follows includes practical activities, designs and processes, and includes a model facilitation training programme. This combination of personal experience and practical advice will have wide appeal for facilitators, trainers and group members.

    Contents: Part 1 Facilitation: Preparing the ground; Facilitating yourself; Facilitating others; Facilitating a group; On the edge of the sword; Working on the different levels; Getting to agreement; Cutting through; Facilitation and the client; Facilitation and change. Part 2 Toolkit: A - Design: Workshop design; Meeting design; Project design; Evaluation design. B - Facilitative Processes: Being with another; Being with a group; My world, your world; Mining the gold; Speaking the vision; Empowering interpretations; Identity check; Situation check; Role plays; Uncovering sabotage patterns; Clearing processes; Getting fully present; Getting complete; Speaking the higher purpose. C - Facilitator’s Training Programme. Appendices: Contract confirmation model; Meeting record sheet model; Recommended reading; Index.


    Dale Hunter, Anne Bailey and Bill Taylor are all experienced facilitators, based in New Zealand. They are the authors of The Zen of Groups.

    ' ... packed with useful practical information.' Modern Management '... the authors of this book have a real understanding of the profound personal requirements for an effective facilitator.' Croner’s A-Z Guide for HRM Professionals 'Everything that has been significant in creating the groups I have been involved with is dealt with in this book.' Voluntary Voice '... interesting, useful and certainly different book for trainers who wish to develop their range of skills. I certainly learned something and was also reminded of some approaches I had not used or encountered for some time.' Training Journal '... there is much useful material ... the exercises, designs and processes are thought provoking and will provide pratical support.' Training 'For facilitators who are new to the work and who want some inspiration, this book will probably be extremely valuable: the exercises are simple and, for those that want more, there is a companion book - The Zen of Groups - published by the same authors.' Management Skills and Development '... a well presented, well written and helpful book' Economic Outlook and Business Review 'An easy to read, practical book on the subject ... a useful addition to the range of facilitation books currently available.' Rapport 44, Summer 1999