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    Social and political attention often is focused on urban issues, neglecting the still-rural character of much of the United States. This volume of original papers provides a clear picture of present-day rural society, with special emphasis on the changing role and structure of the family. It describes demographic trends, discusses the family aspects of the new wave of inmigrants to small towns and rural communities, reviews the diversity of patterns and forms adopted by rural families, considers the plight of the rural aged, and explores the dynamics of intrafamily personal relationships. The book ends with speculations on future prospects and challenges facing rural families.

    Also of Interest -- Preface -- Introduction -- Current Trends in the Family in Rural Society -- A Quarter Century of Trends and Changes in the Demographic Structure of American Families -- Farm Families and Family Farming -- Family Aspects of the New Wave of Inmigrants to Rural Communities -- Patterns and Forms of Rural Families -- Kinship Systems and Extended Family Ties -- Rural Familism: Interregional Analysis1 -- Families in Cultural Islands -- Family Dynamics -- Interpersonal Processes in Rural Families1 -- Interaction in Farm Families: Tension and Stress1 -- The Changing Roles and Status of Rural Women -- Middle Age in Rural America: Adapting to Change1 -- Family Networks of the Rural Aged1 -- Prospects and Perspectives on Rural Families -- The Family in Rural Society: Images of the Future


    Raymond T. Cowardan, Williaain