1st Edition

The Federal Lands Revisited

By Marion Clawson Copyright 2011

    Public land management and ownership came under increasing scrutiny in the 1980s, partly because of the increased value of federal lands; prized for their timber, minerals, energy, and amenity outputs. The personal touch and wisdom of one of these prolific and thoughtful writers on land use issues ensure that this book is a valuable addition to a literature to which Dr. Clawson already has made enormous contributions. For its readers, this book provides fresh insights and suggests new approaches to a problem that has been heavily discussed.

    Foreword, Preface, Acknowledgments, 1. The Federal Lands—Their Role in U.S. Society and the Economy, 2. The History of the Federal Lands, 3. Federal Land Use, Planning, and Management Today, 4. Federal Land Ownership—The Retentionists’ Case, 5. The Federal Lands—The Disposers’ Case, 6. The Federal Lands—Future Directions, 7. Special Problems of Intermingled Federal-Private Land Ownership, 8. Public Participation—By Whom, How, and When?, 9. The Need for Further Research, A Chronological List of Publications Concerning the Public Lands, Appendix, Index


    Clawson, Marion

    'Clawson, a researcher and writer on federal lands topics since 1936, attempts major reconsideration of the whole concept of public land ownership the report succeeds in both its purpose and its message. Recommended.' Library Journal 'This book chronicles the evolution of economic, social and legal problems facing planners in this area, and the thorough treatment of all these issues makes this essential reading for those seriously interested in the future of federal lands...an excellent reference for the history of the federal lands and the policies and laws governing their use...this volume is a tremendous source of information, indispensable to future researchers and policy makers in this field.' The Southern Economic Journal