1st Edition

The Feeling Great! Wellness Program for Older Adults

By Jules C Weiss Copyright 1989
    232 Pages
    by Routledge

    232 Pages
    by Routledge

    The “Feeling Great!” Wellness Program is an inspirational book describing a successful health care program for older adults. Created for people who desire a richer life, “Feeling Great!” is a program of everyday miracles--the regaining of body strength and movement and the expanding of physical abilities. Participants learn to improve their physical, emotional, and psychological health through a comprehensive wellness program. A training manual and self-help guide, this motivational volume looks at an effective program that allows older adults to learn about their health care needs and options, practice a daily exercise program suited to their abilities, develop supportive new friendships, increase their self-esteem, and overcome barriers of ill health, poor diet, sedentary lifestyles, and physical and emotional difficulties. The “Feeling Great!” Wellness Program for Older Adults offers a comprehensive view of a quality program through the eyes of both participant and instructor. The text can be used for personal interest as well as a training manual for professionals who work with older adults.

    Features Offered in The “Feeling Great!” Wellness Program for Older Adults:

    • Over 40 photographs
    • The interaction of medication, nutrition, and exercise
    • Attitude and exercise guidelines
    • Liability concerns
    • Step-by-step program description
    • Sample health care lectures covering topics such as diet and nutrition
    • Exercise pointers for people with arthritis
    • Contraindicative exercises
    • Cardiovascular fitness routines
    • Minimizing the risks of exercise
    • Addressing the emotional and physical fears of exercise
    • Handling diverse abilities within a group setting
    • Nine different exercise activity routines
    • Relaxation techniques
    • Sample program materials including a participant activity profile and health history

    Contents Preface
    • Chapter I: Introduction to the “Feeling Great!” Program
    • Birth of the “Feeling Great!” Program: One Instructor’s Challenge
    • Program Description
    • “Feeling Great!” Approach
    • Addressing the Needs of the “Whole” Person
    • Marketing Suggestions
    • Ingredients Which Make “Feeling Great!” Program Special
    • Why People Need the “Feeling Great!” Program
    • Benefits of the Program Activities
    • What a Successful Program Will Mean!
    • Chapter II: The “Feeling Great!” Class Members
    • “Feeling Great!” Participants Were Asked “How Has the Program Helped You?”
    • Chapter III: Program Mechanics
    • Barriers to Participation
    • Specific Deterrents and Remedies
    • The Interaction of Medication, Nutrition, and Exercise
    • Motivation
    • Ways to Instill Motivation
    • Humor
    • Attitude Guidelines
    • Staffing
    • Volunteer Involvement
    • Fees
    • Liability
    • Chapter IV: Program Outline
    • General Program Outline
    • Apparatus
    • Step by Step Description of the “Feeling Great!” Program
    • Exercise Home Program
    • Health Care Lecture Suggestions
    • Health Care Information Resources
    • Sample Health Care Lectures
    • Chapter V: Exercise Outline
    • Physical Fitness
    • Five Important Phases of Exercise Routines
    • Developing a Personal Fitness Plan
    • Stretching
    • Cardiovascular Fitness and Target Heart Rate
    • Exercise Pointers From the YMCA Program “Twinges in the Hinges” An Exercise Program for People With Arthritis
    • Fear of Exercise:Exercise for Those People Who Are Out of Shape and for Those Who Have Some Physical Pain
    • Fitness--Minimizing the Risk
    • Common Physical Problems and Interventions When Exercising
    • Exercise Guidelines
    • Fitness Leadership
    • Handling Diverse Abilities and Interests in a Group
    • Music
    • Apparatus and Activities Used With Basic Exercise Patterns
    • Fitness Exercises
    • Chair Exercises
    • Standing Exercises
    • Walking (Cardiovascular Exercise) Routine
    • Frisbee Exercises
    • Broomstick Exercises
    • Rubber Tubing Exercises
    • Hand-Weight Exercises
    • Mat Exercises
    • Swimming and Water Exercises
    • Active Games
    • Relaxation Exercises
    • Chapter VI: Program Materials
    • Description of Forms
    • Forms
    • Chapter VII: Conclusion
    • Problems/Solutions
    • Universities for Growing Older/Growing Younger
    • Ageless Aging
    • References/Bibliography
    • Exercise
    • Aging and Related Subjects
    • Health Care
    • Index


    Weiss, Jules C