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Amateur digital photographers are now finding that advances in camera technology and portability are bringing professional results within their reach. The Field Guide series puts professional know-how into their pockets: these are focused, needs-oriented books aimed at giving even the most novice photographer confidence when shooting, and all the relevant expertise in post-production. The selected topics have difficult locations and unpredictable subjects in common: any wedding, wildlife, or landscape photographer needs to know when to seize the moment, and how to prepare to ensure that it isn’t missed. They need to have the right equipment to hand, but also be ready to react to the unexpected; they need to be able to compose a shot on the fly, and anticipate opportunities. The Field Guides are packed with ideas and sound advice, gleaned from professionals with years of experience in the field. Subjects covered in each volume include preparation for trips, strategies and techniques for capturing key moments before they pass, perfecting shots in the digital darkroom, and displaying images in print and online. Each series author is a well-known professional; their own shots, supplemented with other photographers’ work, will inspire the reader to make immediate steps forward in their own craft.

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Black and White Photography Field Guide The essential guide to the art of creating black & white images

Black and White Photography Field Guide: The essential guide to the art of creating black & white images

1st Edition

By Michael Freeman
April 11, 2013

In this pocket-sized, portable guide, renowned photographer Michael Freeman addresses one of photography's most popular--and challenging--areas: black and white. With advice on lighting, shooting, conversion, and post-production, this is know-how that no photographer can afford to be without. ...

The Landscape Photography Field Guide

The Landscape Photography Field Guide

1st Edition

By Carl Heilman II
August 01, 2011

Landscape is perhaps the most enduring photographic genre, and, as we travel, we are always encountering new and exciting scenes we'd love to capture. The Landscape Photographer's Field Guide provides a complete pro reference in a compact book which can be carried in even the most compact camera ...

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