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    Media coverage has highlighted controversies involving the European Community regulations in matters related to food law: the fat content in British ice-cream, the purity of beer in Germany, or the export of French liquor. The establishment of a single European market is set to overhaul trading standards and regulations yet further. The food and drink sector faces a major challenge in adapting to this new market, standing up to competition and exploiting new opportunities. Those involved in the business, as well as those public officials concerned with maintaining standards, are presented with a complex array of new regulations to comply with. This volume explains the role of European Community policy in this area, and what it means for those involved in business and the public sector. Key EC policy documents are summarised, and a full listing is given of all the relevant official material. This volume thus guides the reader through the new `Euro-maze'.

    Development of the EC’S Food Policy; Chapter 1 Content and Scope; Key Documents on Food Policy; Chapter 2 Approximation of Laws; Chapter 3 Consumer Protection; Chapter 4 Advisory Bodies; Chapter 5 Scientific Basis; Chapter 6 Other;


    Stephen Fallows

    `Fallows provides a succinct, clearly focused guide, which will be useful if not indispensable to those seeking a relatively comprehensive overview of European Community policy - including both laws and institutions - towards the food industry in a nutshell.' - Lloyd's Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly