1st Edition

The Forest Service A Study in Public Land Management

By Glen O. Robinson Copyright 2011

    First Published in 2011. This book provides a study of the Forest Service, its organization and processes as one of the largest sub departmental bureaus in the federal government; speaking to matters as they stood surrounding 1974. Robinson fits the Forest Service within the larger framework of public land management, analyzing as an administrative institution with emphasis on its general processes, problems and controversies. This brings value to all those who know enough about the problems of resource management to be concerned.

    Chapter 1 A Short History of the Forest Service; Chapter 2 The Forest Service Bureaucracy; Chapter 3 Resources and Uses—A Prefatory Note; Chapter 4 The Timber Resource; Chapter 5 Outdoor Recreation; Chapter 6 Wilderness; Chapter 7 The Range Resource; Chapter 8 Wildlife; Chapter 9 Water and the Watershed; Chapter 10 The Forest Service in Retrospect;


    Glen O. Robinson

    'This well-documented book provides a thorough survey of the several problems facing one of the major participants in the management of one of America's natural resources. It belongs in the library of anyone involved in resources policy...' Journal of Politics