1st Edition

The Forgotten Survivors of Gun Violence Wounded

    106 Pages 21 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    106 Pages 21 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The toll of America’s gun violence epidemic is usually measured in lives lost—more than 35,000 each year. Ignored, almost completely, are the many more people who are shot every year, and survive.
    —Shot and Forgotten, The Trace

    “Nearly 40,000 people die from gun violence in the US every year. This uniquely American crisis leaves no community untouched—but it doesn’t have to be this way.” —Gabrielle Giffords

    The Forgotten Survivors of Gun Violence collects 20 personal essays of survivors’ visible and invisible wounds from school shootings, attempted suicide by firearm, mass shootings, gang violence, and domestic violence. Their stories remind us that these traumatic experiences are not exclusive to combat soldiers but, more notably, suffered by ordinary people during modern life. With this collection, editors Loren Kleinman, Shavaun Scott, Sandy Phillips and Lonnie Phillips expose the true lifecycle of a bullet and the trauma left in its wake. Through personal narratives and select personal photos, the wounded tell a story that’s forgotten when the cameras go away. This collection will be of interest to first responders, officers, therapists, medical practitioners, and educators.

    1 Armed Assault

    2 Armed Intruder

    3 Armed Robbery

    4 Domestic Violence

    5 Hate Crime

    6 Mass Shooting

    7 Random Open Fire

    8 School Shootings

    9 Support Resources for Survivors, Their Loved Ones and Advocates


    Loren Kleinman's coverage of gun violence appeared in the Independent, New York Magazine (The Cut), The Rumpus, The New York Daily News, and more. She is the co-editor of If I Don’t Make It: I Love You: Survivors in the Aftermath of School Shootings (2019). She is the editor of the anthology Indie Authors Naked and the co-edited collection with Amye Archer My Body, My Words, which Bustle named one of the “11 New Feminist Books That Could Totally Change Your Year.” Her short film, Suffering Is the Easy Part, directed and produced by Jaime Ekkens, is distributed by Seed&Spark and Docademia.

    Shavaun Scott has been a psychotherapist and writer since 1991 and has worked with thousands of clients who have been victims or perpetrators of violence. She is particularly interested in trauma recovery and violence prevention and enjoys sharing stories of uncommon bravery and unconventional paths. She practices in both Oregon and California.

    Sandy Phillips and Lonnie Phillips founded the organization Survivors Empowered after the slaughter of their daughter, Jessica Redfield Ghawi, and 11 others in the Aurora Colorado Theater Mass Shooting in 2012. Their original non-profit, Jessi’s Message, has grown into Survivors Empowered—a national organization created By Survivors, For Survivors, Empowering Survivors. Sandy and Lonnie’s story appeared in the documentary Under The Gun by Katie Couric and was featured in Lisa Ling’s This is Life on CNN. They’ve also been highlighted by media such as This American Life, Anderson Cooper, 60 Minutes, and more.

    The rates of mass and school shootings have risen in the last couple of decades in the United States. But we shouldn’t allow deaths and injuries as a result of gun violence to become the new normal. Wounded: The Forgotten Survivors of Gun Violence  is a riveting collection of true stories written by people who have survived shootings. Their accounts will inspire readers to contact their legislators to request change in laws. It will motivate readers to join organizations that fight to prevent gun violence, and that support and help survivors. The book should be sent to the National Rifle Association and other groups that believe that ordinary citizens should be allowed to access military-grade guns. - Lynn Nanos, LICSW is a psychiatric emergency services social worker in Massachusetts. Her non-fiction book, Breakdown: A Clinician’s Experience in a Broken System of Emergency Psychiatry, won awards and has frequently been listed in the top fifty best-selling books in Mental Health Law on Amazon.

    The personal narratives in The Forgotten Survivors of Gun Violence Wounded places us in the center of the palpable pain and suffering of the victims. The crying out echoes in our presence and not only reminds us that those who suffered are still suffering but also that we are all participants. We are all participants in that we can each ignore and help perpetuate the violence by our silence or help thwart the onslaught by being active participants in making changes in our gun laws. “Be the change..” in the middle of this reality. This is our choice. - Lois M. Winchell, Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist