1st Edition

The Formation of Modern Iraq and Syria

By Eliezer Tauber Copyright 1995

    This volume examines the impact of clandestine and overt political organizations in Syria, Lebanon, Palestine and Iraq after World War I. It analyzes Amir Faysal's short-lived state in post-war Syria, relations between Syrians, Iraqis and Palestinians, and nationalist activity within Iraq.

    Middle East Journal

    "A valuable study of Arab politics, clandestine as well as overt, in the early years of this century, and a tribute to Tauber"s stamina in combing the British French and Israeli records, as well as Arab political memoirs, doctoral dissertations, newspapers, periodicals and numerous collections of documents ... A unique resource for students of the period."

    United Services Institute Journal

    "An ideal book for students of political history of the Middle East."

    British Journal of Middle East Studies

    "A valuable record which exposes the reader to the concrete realities below the surface of broader historical generalizations on the era.


    Eliezer Tauber