1st Edition

The Froehlich/Kent Encyclopedia of Telecommunications Volume 10 - Introduction to Computer Networking to Methods for Usability Engineering in Equipment Design

By Fritz E. Froehlich, Allen Kent Copyright 1995

    Introduction to Computer Networking to Methods for Usability Engineering in Equipment Design.

    "Introduction to Computer Networking, Imrich Chlamtac and Magda El Zarki Introduction to Packet-Switched Technology, Gottfried W. R. Luderer An Introduction to Telecommunications Operations and Network Management, Paul E. Prozeller Introduction to Telecommunications Project Planning, Benjamin J. Leon ISDN Applications, Jennette I. Floyd and Jill D. Austin ISDN, Broadband Performance Using Asynchronous Transfer Mode Transport, Mahmood R. Noorchashm, Simin Kamvar, and Charles A. Dvorak ISDN Broadband Services, Salomon Lederman and Henry J. Fowler ISDN Introduction Planning in Developing Countries, Motoo Hoshi IVAN Services: International Value-Added Network Services, Mark A. Winther Jansky, Karl Guthe, Marylin K. Sheddan Jenkins, Charles Francis, 1867-1934, Joyce E. Bedi Laplace Transforms. Lasers for Optical Communication, John R. Whinnery Liberalization and Privatization Patterns in Eastern Europe and the Third World, Joseph D. Straubhaar Light-Wave Communication Systems and Technology, John E. Midwinter Lightwave Fiber Cables and Optical Subscriber Loops, Tetsuya Miki Local Area Networks. Local Subscriber Loop Competition Issues, Raymond W. Lawton Long-Distance, High-Bit-Rate Transmission Using Solitons in Optical Fibers, Linn F. Mollenauer and James P. Gordon Manufacturing Automation Protocol (MAP). Marconi, Guglielmo, Joyce E. Bedi Marketing for High Technology Organizations. Marketing Research in Telecommunications. See Foundations of Marketing Research in Telecommunications: Creating New Opportunities, Volume 8, pages 195--217 Maxwell, James Clerk, Marylin K. Sheddan Medical Communications, Jagdish C. Kohli Meteor Burst Communication, John M. Goodman Methods for Usability Engineering in Equipment Design, Edmond W. Israelski Metropolitan Area Network Standard. "


    Fritz E. Froehlich (Author) , Allen Kent (Author)