1st Edition

The Froehlich/Kent Encyclopedia of Telecommunications Volume 18 - Wireless Multiple Access Adaptive Communications Technique to Zworykin: Vladimir Kosma

By Fritz E. Froehlich, Allen Kent Copyright 1999

    "Wireless Multiple Access Adaptive Communications Technique to Zworykin, Vladimir Kosma"

    "Wireless Multiple Access Adaptive Communications Technique, Gregory J. Pottie Wireless Networking, Asuncion Satamaria and F. J. Lopez-Hernandez Wireless Packet Data Technology, Apostolis K. Salkintzis and Christodoulos Chamzas Wireless Radio Software Architecture, Joseph Mitola Wireless Receivers Using Digitization at the RF or IF, Jeffrey A. Wepman Wireline and Wireless Applications for Intelligent Transportation Systems, Kevin Needham, Matthew McDonald, and Matthew Hardison Workbench for Security Officers, Allison Anderson, Lam For Kwok, and Dennis Longley World Wide Web and Internet Numbering and Naming Systems, Jon Postel and Joyce K. Reynolds The World Wide Web (WWW) and Secure Electronic Commerce, S. H. Von Solms Zworykin, Vladimir Kosma, Joyce E. Bedi Epilogue---New Communications Services---What Does Society Want?, Robert W. Lucky "


    Fritz E. Froehlich (Author) , Allen Kent (Author)