212 Pages 38 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    212 Pages 38 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The Fundamentals of Event Design aims to rethink current approaches to event design and production. The textbook explores the relationship between event design and multiple visitor experiences, as well as interactivity, motivation, sensory stimuli and co-creative participation.

    Structured around the key phases of event design, the book covers all the critical dimensions of event concepting, atmospherics, the application of interactive technologies, project management, team leadership, creative marketing and sustainable production. The concepts of authenticity, creativity, co-creation, imagineering and storytelling are discussed throughout, and practical step-by-step guidance is provided on how to create and deliver unique and memorable events. The chapters include industry voices offering real-life insight from leading international event practitioners and individual and/or team assignments to stimulate learners’ creativity, visualisation and problem solving.

    This is the first textbook in event design that integrates areas of anthropology, social psychology, management, marketing, graphic design and interactivity. Focusing on bringing theory into practice, this is essential reading for all Events Management students.

    Chapter 1: Event Design Unpacked

    Chapter 2: Events as an Experience Industry

    Chapter 3: Event Experience

    Chapter 4: Storytelling and Event Concepting

    Chapter 5: Atmospherics and Servicescapes

    Chapter 6: Five Senses in Event Design (by S.Jones and V.Antchak)

    Chapter 7: Interactive Technologies

    Chapter 8: Pragmatic Team Management

    Chapter 9: Project Management Tools and Budgeting

    Chapter 10: Pitching and Winning

    Chapter 11: Creative Marketing (by V.Gorchakova)

    Chapter 12: Environmentally Sustainable Event Design (by A.Julien and C.Mackay)


    Vladimir Antchak is Senior Lecturer in Applied Management at the University of Derby, UK. His research interests focus on event portfolio design and management, place experience, destination branding and strategic storytelling. He has over ten years of experience in events management, including organisation of business forums and conferences, cultural exhibitions, international business visits and presentations. The geography of his completed projects includes Austria, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Russia.

    Olivia Ramsbottom is Senior Lecturer in Business and Management at the University of Derby, UK. She has significant project and event management experience in various organisations, from a membership body to a university. She is also an experienced trainer and consultant, offering workable solutions to make business improvements, as well as recommending and carrying out appropriate staff training and development activities. Her areas of expertise are in strategic, project and people management, and her research focuses on the transferability of management skills from general concepts to specific application.

    "Confused about event design? How is it different from management? Where does design fit in the planning process? Are event designers artists or engineers? This book provides a comprehensive, state-of-the-art perspective on experience design applied to events. The authors and contributors provide the concepts and tools to make the reader an effective, creative designer. Tools include storytelling, concepting, how to utilize all five senses, interactive technologies, project and team management, pitching and winning ideas, and creative marketing. Exercises built around real cases will stimulate creativity. The overall theme is about becoming a 'design thinker'. Through constant observation, collaboration, visualisation of ideas, rapid concept prototyping and testing, design thinkers will distinguish themselves and their events."
    Donald Getz, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus at the University of Calgary, Canada

    "The addition of this text for the teaching of events management will be invaluable. The emphasis on the successful event design process in its own right will offer students a comprehensive background to topics such as design thinking and Imagineering, storytelling, technology and event design, and event experiences. Not only does this volume offer this theoretical background, it also gives students the tools and techniques to operationalise these as part of their programmes and when they enter the work place and must deliver pitches, manage projects, and integrate good design into sustainable event management. A much-needed textbook for all event management students."
    Louise Platt, Senior Lecturer in Festival and Event Management, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK