1st Edition

The Future Of European Alliance Systems NATO And The Warsaw Pact

By Arlene Idol Broadhurst Copyright 1983
    316 Pages
    by Routledge

    336 Pages
    by Routledge

    Recent events in Afghanistan and Poland, as well as the Twenty-Sixth Party Congress, have raised questions about the future direction of the Warsaw Treaty Organization. Similarly, pressing issues such as the placement of long-range theater nuclear forces, burden sharing, and threats to the security of Europe from peripheral areas (for instance, the Middle East) call attention to the urgent need for a re-examination of priorities and strategies within the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. This book addresses these military considerations, as well as the political and social dimensions of European security. The distinguished authors discuss four major subjects--European security perspectives, NATO, the warsaw Pact, and resource allocations for defense--within the framework of comparative alliance approaches. Their detailed descriptions of current problems, diversities, and discussions within the two alliance systems offer insight into the differing ideas of what constitutes security.

    Also of Interest -- Introduction -- European Security Perspectives -- European Security Alliances in the 1980s -- European Security: New Wine in Old Bottles -- Speculation on Abstract Perspectives: NATO and the Warsaw Pact -- The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation -- Atlantic Unity and European Defence -- The Transformation of NATO: Parallel European Cooperation -- U.S. Policy, the Press, and the Atlantic Alliance -- The Institutional Implications of NATO in a Global Milieu -- The Warsaw Treaty Organisation -- Devolution in the Warsaw Treaty Organisation -- The Warsaw Pact: A Study of Vulnerabilities, Tension, and Reliability -- The Soviet Response to Poland and the Future of the Warsaw Pact -- The Warsaw Pact as an Instrument for Inducing Political and Military Integration and Interdependency -- Economics and Defence -- Resource Allocation for Defence in NATO and WTO


    Dr. Arlene Idol Broadhurst is engaged in research in Montreal, Canada. From 1978 to 1981 she was assistant professor of international relations in the German Program of the University of Southern California (Munich). She has also been a lecturer in international relations and government in Munich for the University of Maryland and instructor in political theory for the International Communication Agency in Madrid.