1st Edition

The Future of Cities

Edited By Andrew Blowers, Chris Hamnett, Philip Sarre Copyright 2007
    370 Pages
    by Routledge

    370 Pages
    by Routledge

    This collection of readings draws on material from a wide range of sources - from the past and present and from literature and technology - and is concentrated on the areas which seem most relevant to the planning of the future city - what is happening to the city and what we can do about it. The readings have been selected and organised to present the planning of the future city.

    This book was first published in 1974.

    General Introduction, Philip Sarre and Andrew Blowers

    1. The future city as seen in the past

    Introduction, Philip Sarre

    1.1. Utopian traditions and the planning of cities, Martin Meyerson

    1.2 Utopia, Thomas More

    1.3. An academy of projects, Jonathan Swift

    1.4. A contemporary city, Le Corbusier

    1.5. City of the future, Frank Lloyd Wright

    1.6. Social cities, Ebenezer Howard

    2. Trends and constraints

    Introduction, Chris Hamnett

    2.1. Some social trends, Peter Willmott

    2.2. the future of the motor vehicle, Colin Buchanan

    2.3. The impact of telecommunications on town planning, J.S. Whyte

    2.4. The changing image of the city, Scott Greer

    2.5. Resources and the economic framework, P.A. Stone

    2.6. material resources, Richard Meier

    2.7. Human needs, Barbara Ward and Rene Dubos

    3. Future Urban Forms

    Introduction, Chris Hamnett

    3.1 Megalopolis, Jean Gottomann

    3.2. The urban field, John Friedmann and John Miller

    3.3. homes beyond the fringe, Lionel March

    3.4. The grid as generator, Sir Leslie Martin

    3.5. The pattern of the metropolis, Kevin Lynch

    4. Planning the Future City

    Introduction, Philip Sarre

    4.1. Normative planning, Paul Davidoff

    4.2. Permissive planning, Melvin Webber

    4.3. The nature of the plan, Milton Keynes Development Corporation

    4.4. Non-plan: an experiment in freedom, Reyner Banham, Paul Barker, Peter Hall and Cedric Price

    4.5. Creating a new social system, The Ecologist

    4.6. Major changes in environmental form required by social and psychological demands, Christopher Alexander

    4.7. Retrospect and prospect, Lewis Mumford

    5. Life in the City of the Future

    Introduction, Andrew Blowers

    5.1. Future shock, Alvin Toffler

    5.2. The end of the city, Michael Davie

    5.3. The Dumills: Londoners 2000, Colin Leicester

    5.5. City, Clifford Simak

    5.6. Brave new world, Aldous Huxley

    5.7. The machine stops, E.M. Forster 


    Andrew Blowers, Chris Hamnett, Philip Sarre